Heritage and conservation


Conservation Areas

Here you will find an introduction, maps and documents related to conservation areas in the Royal Borough.

Conservation Area Search

Search for properties in conservation areas using the form.

Listed buildings search

Search for listed buildings in the borough to find out if building consent is required.

Listed buildings explained

Information about listed buildings in the borough which have special architectural or historic interest and are protected by law.

Article 4 Directions in Conservation Areas

Information about Article 4 Directions in Conservation Areas

Kensington and Chelsea Quality Review Panel

To assist us in protecting the architectural heritage of the area, we have a Quality Review Panel which meets regularly

Public art

Information and policies on public art in the borough.


Planning and policy information about trees in the borough.

Conservation Area Maps

Download PDF maps of the conservation areas within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Sustainably retrofitting your home

Information about upgrading existing buildings to be more energy efficient and use cleaner energy.

Article 4 directions

Information about article 4 directions and a current list of developments.