Our tree strategy

We understand how important trees are in our urban landscape. We developed our tree strategy to ensure they are properly planted, preserved and maintained in the borough.

Tree strategy

Protected trees

A tree preservation order (TPO) legally protects a tree. You need consent from the Council to cut any part of a protected tree including the roots. Trees in conservation areas are also protected by law.

You could be fined up to £20,000 for damaging a protected tree if you are convicted in a magistrates’ court.

Check our TPO lists to find out if a tree is protected:

TPOs in street names starting A - D
TPOs in street names starting E - K
TPOs in street names starting L - R
TPOs in street names starting S - W

The lists are regularly updated so contact us to find out about a tree that isn’t listed here:

  • Arboriculture Team: 07973 124138 or 07739 313739
  • PlanningLine: 020 7361 3012

Apply to work on a tree

Most tree work on private property needs our approval before you start. This includes trees that are:

  • protected by a TPO
  • in a conservation area
  • have a trunk diameter greater than 75mm (measured at 1.5 metres above the ground)

To apply to work on a tree, complete our form and return it to: [email protected].

To find a tree application and Council decision use our planning search tool.

Approved contractors for tree works

We don’t have our own approved list of tree surgeons. Instead we recommend that residents use the Arboricultural Association’s Approved Contractors List.

Report a tree that needs pruning

We manage more than 7,000 street trees in the borough. We plant new trees, prune healthy trees and remove dead or dangerous trees.

To report a dangerous or overgrown tree:

Last updated: 17 May 2022