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Documents may take up to seven working days from receipt to appear with an associated application

You can view currently submitted planning applications as a list, searchable by date.

You can view several sources of historical application information:

Planning history of individual properties from 1948-2009 provides a brief record of the life of a property in that period. It only lists what applications have been received on a given property and when.

Microfiche 1948-1996 provides scans of original documentation pertaining to planning applications received over that period

Statutory Register (Decision Notices Only) 1948-1999 provides a scanned copy of the original decision notice issued in

Consent Of Adverts record set a person can find a copy of the original application, any internal documentation relating to the application and a decision.

If commenting on an application

By law all comments are open to public inspection as they form part of the statutory register for planning applications. Whilst we redact certain types of personal data you provide such as your name, address, postcode, email address and signature – please note that the comments you make are in an open text box and are not able to be redacted. This means that they will be visible to the public at large.

Please do not put any personal data or sensitive data (such as health or financial information) in this box which could be capable of identifying you.