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Please note:

  • Documents may take up to seven working days from receipt to appear with an associated application
  • You can view currently submitted planning applications as a list, searchable by date.
  • You can view several sources of historical application information
  • planning history of individual properties from 1948-2009 provides a brief record of the life of a property in that period. It only lists what applications have been received on a given property and when.
  • Microfiche 1948-1996 provides scans of original documentation pertaining to planning applications received over that period
  • Statutory Register (Decision Notices Only) 1948-1999 provides a scanned copy of the original decision notice issued in
  • Consent Of Adverts record set a person can find a copy of the original application, any internal documentation relating to the application and a decision.

If commenting on an application

  • To make a public comment, use the above planning search box to locate your planning application, select the case and then use the comment tab to make your representation.
  • Please note that comments made on applications will be published on our website. We remove email addresses, telephone numbers and signatures before publishing online, but the author of comments and their postal address are published.
  • We no longer accept objections or comments by fax.
  • Objections received by post or email are no longer acknowledged and notification of decisions are not issued. However, objectors and supporters are notified if an application is to be presented at a Planning Committee.
  • Please note that applications with prefixes ACV, CA, CLD, CON, NMA, OB and NOT are not subject to statutory consultation. However you may make a comment if you wish using our online form.