Article 4 directions

What is an article 4 direction?

An article 4 direction is a direction under article 4 of the General Permitted Development Order which enables a local planning authority to withdraw specified permitted development rights across a defined area. This means you may need planning permission for development that would normally be permitted.

This page details our current definitive article 4 direction list. However, we strongly recommend that you check any information with us by calling 020 7361 3012.

Office to residential use

The Council has confirmed the article 4 direction initially made in July 2017 to remove the permitted development rights ordinarily granted by Class O, Part 3 of Schedule 2 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 (as amended), allowing the change of use of a premises in an office use (Class B1a) to a dwelling house.   

The article 4 direction came into force on 31 May 2019.  It replaced an earlier exemption to the prior approval.  The article 4 direction relates to all offices across the borough.

Article 4 Direction.pdf

Article 4 Direction - Notice of Confirmation.pdf

Key Decision -Confirm B1 to C3 Article 4.pdf

18-10-24-Office to residential - Article 4 KD Report Confirming - FINAL.pdf


Light industrial land

The Council has confirmed the article 4 direction initially made on 23 September 2016 to remove the permitted development rights ordinarily allowed under Class PA of Part 3 of Schedule 2 of the General Permitted Development Order 2015 (as amended), allowing the change of use of a premises in light industrial use to a dwelling house.

The direction concerns all relevant properties in the following areas:

  • St Helen’s, Golborne, Notting Dale and Colville wards; 
  • The Lots Road Employment Zone; 

The Council has also made article 4 directions for the following car repair garages outside of these areas:

  • 17-19 Edge Street, W8 7PH
  • 7 Russell Garden Mews, W14 8EU
  • 13-14 Osten Mews, SW7 4HW
  • 14-17 Astwood Mews, SW7 4ED
  • 4, 5, 8, 9 and 23 Astwood Mews, SW7 4ED
  • 16a Portobello Mews, W11 3DG
  • Chelsea Cloisters, Sloane Avenue, SW3 3DZ

Where in a B1(c) light industrial use. The direction came into force on 1 October 2017.

Light Industrial Uses - Article 4 Key Decision Report

Notice of Confirmation

B1(c) Article 4 Direction


To homes:

The Council has an article 4 direction in place which has removed the permitted development rights ordinarily allowed under Schedule 2, Part 3, Class M of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 for the following launderettes.

  • 154 Cromwell Road, London SW7 4EF
  • 111 Earl’s Court Road, London SW5 9RL
  • 28 Golborne Road, London W10 5PF
  • 52 Golborne Road, London W10 5PR
  • 341 Ladbroke Grove, London W10 6DW
  • 395 King’s Road, London SW10 0LR
  • 76 Tavistock Road, London W11 1AN

This means that planning permission is required for the change of use of a launderette to a residential use, and the building operations reasonably necessary to carry out this conversion.  This direction came into force on 24 July 2017.

Launderettes - Article 4 Direction

To offices:

Class JA, of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 has introduced a new set of development rights. It replaces planning permission with a system of prior approval for changes of use of launderettes to offices.

The Council has started the process of making an article 4 direction to remove this provision. This new direction relates to the same named launderettes.

The direction was made on 6th September 2019.  Interested parties have until 21 October 2019 to comment. The Council will consider any comments received before deciding whether it will be appropriate to confirm this direction.  It is only on confirmation will the article 4 direction come into being. 

Full details are set out below:


Article 4 Launderette to offices - Article 4 Direction.pdf

Article 4 Launderettes to offices- Notice of Making.pdf

Article 4 Launderette to offices - Officer Report.pdf


The Council made an Article 4 Direction on 15 April 2015 to remove permitted development rights for basement extensions (the Article 4 Direction defines the rights that will be removed) to single dwelling houses across the borough. The Council consulted on the article 4 direction between 24 April and 8 June 2015 and it came into force on 28 April 2016. It applies to the entire area of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Notice of Confirmation of Non-Immediate Article 4 Direction

Confirmed Article 4 Direction

Article 4 Direction Consultation Responses

Key decision report recommending confirmation

Read about the consultation.

Public houses

The Council has made and confirmed Article 4 Directions on The Academy Public House and Kensington Park Hotel Pubic House. These have removed the permitted development rights which would ordinarily allow a change of use, without the need for planning permission, from an A4 use (a public house) to an A1 use (a shop), A2 use (financial and professional service) or an A3 use (restaurant), either on a permanent or on a flexible temporary basis.”

Other article 4 directions

StreetProperty numberArticle NumberStart Date
Abingdon Road32-38 even, 56-58 even, 62-68 even5618/01/1988
Abingdon Road96116/02/1989
Addison Avenue1-57 (odd), 16-58 (even)9606/07/2012
Addison Place1-5 (odd), 2-4(even), 12-22 (even) and 27-31 (odd)9606/07/2012
Albert Place7 and 82626/06/1978
Alma Terrace1-10 consec2306/03/1978
Arundel Gardens1,5-47 odd 2,8-44 even4109/07/1998
Arundel Gardens1-41 odd 2-48 even6812/07/1996
Avondale Park Gardens1-26 consec6429/01/1992
Avondale Park Road1,1A, 3 & 3A6429/01/1992
Balliol Road1-25 odd 2-26 even4623/10/1984
Balliol Road1-25 odd 2-26 even6223/10/1984
Barlby Road152806/07/1978
Barlby Road11,223829/12/1978
Barlby Road1-65 odd 2-34 even6929/01/1997
Bassett Road1-63 odd 2-66 even6929/01/1997
Berkeley Gardens3-11 conces5723/10/1984
Blenheim Crescent53-137 odd, 34-94 even4109/07/1998
Blenheim Crescent41B,43-135 odd, 36-94 even6812/07/1996
Boltons Gardens11-23 consec1423/07/1976
Boyne Terrace MewsAll6812/07/1996
Bracewell Road2-56 even8813/11/1979
Brewster Gardens1-55 odd8813/11/1979
Brunswick Gardens1-49 odd, 2-56 even5723/10/1984
Bulmer MewsAll6812/07/1996
Cadogan square4A,16A2318/10/1988
Cambridge Gardens31-41 odd, 61-107 odd, 111-121 odd, 6-54 even, 60-112 even6929/01/1997
Canning Place1-10 consec319/05/1969
Canning Place1,105323/12/1987
Canning Place2-9 consec5423.12.1987
Carlyle Square4-39 consec5816/03/1988
Chelsea Park Gardens943215/09/1978
Chelsea Park Gardens4,8-50 even, 54-92 even, 9,11,15-37 odd33 15/09/1978
Chelsea Park Gardens52A3715/12/1978
Chelsea Square28-33 consec, 63-68 consec8929/01/2003
Chepstow Crescent1-7 odd, 15-25 odd, 35-37 odd, 2-24 even7809/12/1999
Chepstow Villas35-41 odd 54-62 even4109/07/1998
Chepstow Villas35-41 odd 54-62 even6812/07/1996
Chepstow Villas237702/09/1999
Chepstow Villas1-21 odd, 25-33 odd, 2-52 even7809/12/1999
Clarendon Cross124109/07/1998
Clarendon Cross126812/07/1996
Clarendon Road28-110 even, 41,45A-83 odd, 87-99 odd4109/07/1998
Clarendon Road2-52 even, 56-110 even, 13-99 odd6812/07/1996
Collingham Gardens1-18 consec1223/07/1976
Cresswell Gardens10,11,121317.09.1976
Cresswell Place5-17 consec1317.09.1976
Dalgarno Gardens58-116 even6929/01/1997
Darnley Terrace1-6 (consec)9606/07/2012
Dawson Place3-11 odd, 15-29 odd, 6-30 even7809/12/1999
Dawson Place138716/07/1998
Denbigh Road12-24 even7809/12/1999
Denbigh Terrace13-26 consec7809/12/1999
Drayson Mews1-27 odd4902/10/1987
Drayton Gardens1-39 odd, 4-56 even1223/07/1976
Drayton Gardens60-74 even81B07/04/2000
Drayton Gardens60-68 even81C07/04/2000
Eardley Crescent1-75 odd, 2-58 even7605/05/1999
Earls Court Square2-26 even, 30-52 even, 3-47 odd, 51-69 odd3615/11/1978
Elgin Crescent16-36 even, 50-126 even, 15-153 odd4109/07/1998
Elgin Crescent16-36 even, 50-120 even, 124-126 even, 5-153 odd6812/07/1996
Elm Park Road241514/01/1977
Ensor Mews1-22 consec6314/03/1989
Essex Villas114824/09/1987
Essex Villas1-9 odd, 13-21 odd, 2-10 even5925/05/1988
Finstock Road3-41 odd, 2-42 even4623/10/1984
Finstock Road3-41 odd, 2-42 even6223/10/1984
Gilston Road3-43 odd, 10-24 even1317.09.1976
Gilston Road261423/07/1976
Glebe Place53-59 consec5507/01/1988
Harley Gardens1-8 consec87A07/04/2000
Harley Gardens9-14 consec81B07/04/2000
Highlever Road1-127 odd 2-88 even4623/10/1984
Highlever Road1-127 odd 2-88 even6223/10/1984
Highlever Road1-127 odd,131-143 odd, 147-173 odd, 2-104 even, 108-160 even6929/01/1997
Holland Park Avenue2-22 even, 34-38 even4109/07/1998
Holland Park Avenue8-22 even, 34-38 even, 58-60 even, 68-74 even, 80-82 even, 92-98 even6812/07/1996
Holland Park Avenue130-132 (even), 152-186 (even), 133-159 (odd)9606/07/2012
Holland Park Road9A, 11-17 odd7530/06/1999
Holland Villas Road1-4 consec, 10, 13-15 consec3015/09/1978
Holland Villas Road6,163115/09/1978
Holland Villas Road254003/07/1979
Horbury CrescentAll6812/07/1996
Horbury Mews11, 124109/07/1998
Horbury MewsAll6812/07/1996
Inkerman Terrace1-12 consec520/01/1971
Inkerman Terrace122201/03/1978
Inkerman Terrace1-11 consec2306/03/1978
Inkerman Terrace1-12 consec5023/10/1984
Inverness Gardens1-8 consec5723/10/1984
Kelfield Gardens15-21 odd, 27-33 odd, 2-46 even4623/10/1984
Kelfield Gardens15-21 odd, 27-33 odd, 2-46 even6223/10/1984
Kempsford Gardens1-47 odd, 2-34 even7605/05/1999
Kensington Church Street66,66A,66B6529/01/1992
Kensington Court Place6-15 consec7415/05/1998
Kensington Park Gardens1-9 consec, The Cottage and entrance to Ladbroke Sq Gardens Between 9 & 104109/07/1998
Kensington Park Gardens1-9 consec, 23, 246812/07/1996
Kensington Park Road30,32,72,74,126-146 even,160-184 even4109/07/1998
Kensington Park Road 126-184 even43 & 4429/01/1981
Kensington Park Road148-158 even5223/12/1987
Kensington Park Road1-15 odd, 6-38 even, 56-96 even, 114-184 even6812/07/1996
Kensington Square174223/12/1980
Kensington Square14-19 consec42A23/10/1984
Kings Road55-65 odd6626/05/1995
Kings Road72-112 even7101/05/1998
Kingsbridge Road1-23 odd4623/10/1984
Kingsbridge Road1-23 odd6223/10/1984
Ladbroke Gardens15-21 consec,23, 25-31 consec,33-35 consec4109/07/1998
Ladbroke Gardens15-31 consec, 356812/07/1996
Ladbroke Grove14-32 even, 42-68 even, 70A, 90-94 even, 67-75 odd, 83,85,91,934109/07/1998
Ladbroke Grove2-94 even, 7-35 odd, 41-49 odd, 59-63 odd, 67-75 odd, 81-93 odd, 111-119 odd6812/07/1996
Ladbroke Road14, 7-55 odd4109/07/1998
Ladbroke Road2-22 even, 40-52 even ,56-88 even, 1-87 odd, 109-119 odd, 137-139 odd6812/07/1996
Ladbroke SquareAll6812/07/1996
Ladbroke Terrace3-17 consec6812/07/1996
Ladbroke WalkAll6812/07/1996
Lansdowne Crescent2-18, 39-43 consec4109/07/1998
Lansdowne Crescent1-18 consec, 39-44 consec6812/07/1996
Lansdowne MewsAll6812/07/1996
Lansdowne Rise2,4,6, Lansdowne Court4109/07/1998
Lansdowne RiseAll6812/07/1996
Lansdowne Road532415/03/1978
Lansdowne Road7-27 odd, 45-123 odd, 2-6 even, 10-108 even, Liddiard House, Laurence Court4109/07/1998
Lansdowne Road2-6 even, 10-110 even, 1-103 odd, 113-123 odd6812/07/1996
Lansdowne Road557023/04/1997
Lansdowne Walk1-19 consec4109/07/1998
Lansdowne WalkAll(except No.1)6812/07/1996
Linden Mews1-7 consec8309/02/2000
Lucern Mews1-11 (Excluding No.9)9522/04/1992
Mary Place20-386429/01/1992
Melbury Road247530/06/1999
Milborne Grove1-14 consec1423/07/1976
Nevern Square1-63 consec7605/05/1999
Norland Place1-18 (consec)9606/07/2012
Norland Road30-50 (even)9606/07/2012
Norland Square1, 1A and 1B, 2-52 (consec)9606/07/2012
Old Brompton Road135-151 odd1223/07/1976
Old Brompton Road153, 1941423/07/1976
Onslow Gardens946314/03/1989
Ossington Street21-49 odd78A21/12/1999
Oxford Gardens135-185 odd, 120-174 even4623/10/1984
Oxford Gardens135-185 odd, 120-174 even6223/10/1984
Oxford Gardens5-109 odd, 38-46 even, 50-112 even, 1206929/01/1997
Palace Gardens Terrace5840A15/05/1980
Palace Gardens Terrace2-102 even, 1-57 odd5723/10/1984
Palace Gardens Terrace59-73 odd6529/01/1992
Pelham Street51-61 odd7906/12/1999
Pembridge Crescent20-22 even7809/12/1999
Pembridge Crescent218207/04/2000
Pembridge Place1-18A consec7809/12/1999
Penzance Place1-11 (odd) and 2-12 (even) and 12A9606/07/2012
Penzance Street22-28 (consec)9606/07/2012
Philbeach Gardens1-110 consec7605/05/1999
Philimore Gardens24-30 even5925/05/1988
Philimore Place2,4,14-18 even5925/05/1988
Phillimore Place16929/01/1975
Pont Street Mews1-12, consec, 14-16 consec, Andros Cottage6018/10/1988
Portland Road142A6812/07/1996
Portland Road16-136 (even) including 16A-D, 1-179 (odd)9606/07/2012
Portobello Road57-93 odd, 99-117 odd6812/07/1996
Portobello Road16-70 even7809/12/1999
Princedale Road149430/09/2010
Princedale Road2-116 (even), 5-57 (odd), 35A, 73-91 (odd)9606/07/2012
Princedale Road5797 & 9805/11/2014 & 07/11/2014
Priory Walk1-12 consec1423/07/1976
Queensdale Place3-19 (odd) and 2-16 (even)9606/07/2012
Queensdale Road1-57 (odd, inclusive of 11A-D) and 2-60 (even)9606/07/2012
Queensdale Walk1-13 (consec) and 209606/07/2012
Redcliffe Mews2-24 even, 1-29 odd81B07/04/2000
Redcliffe Mews2-24 even, 1-29 odd81C07/04/2000
Redcliffe Road1-32 consec, 35-66 consec81B07/04/2000
Redcliffe Road1-32 consec, 35-66 consec81C07/04/2000
Redesdale Street12903/08/1978
Rosmead Road14109/07/1998
Rosmead Road1&26812/07/1996
Royal Crescent1-44 (consec)9606/07/2012
Royal Crescent Mews11-32 (consec)9606/07/2012
Rutland Street11-29 odd7223/04/1998
Scarsdale Villas34625/02/1974
Scarsdale Villas58-62 even, 66-72 even805/11/1976
Shafto Mews1-11 odd, 2,6-14 even2318/10/1988
Shawfield Street431911/08/1977
St Ann's Road2-32 (even)9606/07/2012
St Ann's Villas1-33 (odd), 2-34 (even)9606/07/2012
St Charles Square43-69 odd, 2-38 even6929/01/1997
St Helen's Gardens23-51 odd4623/10/1984
St Helen's Gardens23-51 odd6223/10/1984
St Helen's Gardens23-59 odd 54-62 even6929/01/1997
St James's Gardens1-56 (consec) and St James's Lodge9606/07/2012
St John's Gardens1-3 consec4109/07/1998
St John's GardensAll6812/07/1996
St Lawrence Terrace1-25 odd 2-24 even6929/01/1997
St Marks Place1-13 consec6812/07/1996
St Marks Road24109/07/1998
St Marks Road26812/07/1996
St Marks Road77-101 odd,125-131 odd, 30, 36-68 even6929/01/1997
St Mary Abbots Terrace2-24 even7530/06/1999
St Quintin Avenue1-31 odd4623/10/1984
St Quintin Avenue1-31 odd6223/10/1984
St Quintin Avenue1-33 odd, 37-67 odd, 71-83 odd, 2-24 even, 46-80 even6929/01/1997
St Quintin Gardens2-8 consec6929/01/1997
Stanley Crescent14-23 consec4109/07/1998
Stanley Crescent14-25 consec6812/07/1996
Stratford Road278617/06/1997
Strathmore GardensAll6529/01/1992
The Boltons1-28 consec1223/07/1976
The Little Boltons2-34 even, 1-35 odd81A07/04/2000
The Little Boltons2-48 even, 1-35 odd81B07/04/2000
The Little Boltons38-48 even81C07/04/2000
Tregunter Road1-51 consec1317/09/1976
Uxbridge Street448003/03/2000
Vernon YardAll6812/07/1996
Vicarage Gardens9-16 consec722/04/1974
Vicarage Gardens85723/10/1984
Vicarage Gardens2-7 consec, 9-16 consec6529/01/1992
Victoria Road23-81 odd, 2-52 even6713/09/1996
Wallingford Avenue1-69 odd, 2-74 even4623/10/1984
Wallingford Avenue1-69 odd, 2-74 even6223/10/1984
Wellington Square1-35 consec6626/05/1995
Westbourne Grove284-306 even, 283-289 odd, 295-305 odd6812/07/1996
Westbourne Grove209-219 odd, 223-225 odd7809/12/1999
Westbourne Grove22187A16/07/1998
Wilby MewsAll6812/07/1996
Wilsham Street65A & B - 117 (odd)9606/07/2012

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