Planning Enforcement

Information and advice on planning enforcement, including government guidance, how to report a breach and our Local Enforcement Plan

Local Enforcement Plan

The Local Enforcement Plan sets out our approach to Planning Enforcement; it explains how we will investigate alleged breaches of planning control, the basis on which our decisions are made and our approach to pro-active monitoring.

Local Enforcement Plan [PDF] (file size 477.52 KB)

Chelsea and Kensington pilots

The Planning Enforcement team have been leading on a pro-active, cross-departmental project to ensure that construction sites comply with all the Council’s requirements.

Short term letting

Short term letting is the term used to describe the letting of your home for less than 90 nights per calendar year, as a means of additional income. If you are considering letting your property for short stay holiday accommodation through online platforms such as AirB&B or you need to be aware of the legislation.

Short term letting [PDF] (file size 70.5 KB)
Landlord, leaseholder and tenant guide [PDF] (file size 89.93 KB)

If you believe there has been a breach

Before making an enforcement allegation, you should always search our application records to see if permission has been granted for the development.

In some instances, changes may not need planning permission, or development may be allowed under permitted development rights and therefore not need consent from the Planning Department.

If you believe that permission has not been granted, or that the development requires permission and you would like us to investigate a possible breach of the planning rules please complete our Report a Planning Breach form.

What we will do if you submit an enforcement allegation

We do not reveal the names of people who contact us about enforcement cases. However, we cannot accept anonymous enforcement allegations; you must provide us with your name, your address and a contact telephone number or email address. All enforcement allegations are kept confidential so your details would not  be released to anyone outside the Council. 
On receipt of your allegation, we will open a case and acknowledge your allegation in writing. The Enforcement Officer will visit the site within ten working days of receiving the case, often sooner, and will keep you informed of the outcome of their investigations.
There are a number of potential outcomes to an enforcement allegation including the submission of a retrospective planning application which would follow the normal application process.

The government has produced a helpful guide to planning enforcement as part of its suite of National Planning Practice Guidance.

Fees relating to enforcement

If you require confirmation that an enforcement related notice has been complied with or you require the withdrawal of an enforcement related notice, a fee is payable, see charges detailed below.

Charges (Incl. VAT)


Requests to confirm compliance with an enforcement related notice


Requests to confirm compliance with an enforcement related notice – one hour meeting included


Requests to withdraw an enforcement related notice


Requests to withdraw an enforcement related notice – one hour meeting included


Consideration of clauses in a S106 obligation


Confirmation of compliance with clauses in a S106


Confirmation of compliance with clauses in a S106 – with one hour meeting


Miscellaneous meeting – one hour (at the HoDM’s discretion)


Miscellaneous meeting – two hours (at the HoDM’s discretion)


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