Conservation and Design Review: Submission

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Responses on the publication consultation of February /March 2014 can be found in Planning Policy Consultations webpage.

The following submission Conservation and Design policies were submitted to the Secretary of State on 29 April 2014 for examination:

Document RefName
CD01Conservation and Design Publication Policies [PDF] (file size 377.43Kb)
CD02Conservation and Design Publication Policies Recommended Changes April 2014 [PDF] (file size 350.68Kb)
CD03Consultation Statement April 2014 [PDF] (file size 215.18Kb)
CD04Responses to Publication Consultation April 2014 [PDF] (file size 551.05Kb)
CD05PAS Legal Compliance Toolkit [PDF] (file size 256.76Kb)
CD06PAS Test of Soundness Toolkit [PDF] (file size 336.80Kb)
CD07Monitoring Indicators [PDF] (file size 84.45Kb)
CD08Policy Formulation Report [PDF] (file size 250.21Kb)
CD09Representations Received at Publication Stage [PDF] (file size 86.24Kb)
CD10Report to Full Council [PDF] (file size 804.72Kb)
CD11Building Height SPD [PDF] (file size 5.22 Mb)
Document RefName
CD12Conservation and Design Publication Policy February 2014 [PDF] (file size 396.85Kb)
CD13Consultation Response Form [PDF] (file size 38.15Kb)
CD14Guide to Consultation [PDF] (file size 209.37Kb)
CD15Consultation Statement [PDF] (file size 210.80Kb)
CD16Consultation Responses table [PDF] (file size 220.85Kb)
CD17Representations from Statutory Consultees [PDF] (file size 1.05Mb)
CD18Policy Formulation Report [PDF] (file size 301.83Kb)
CD19Sustainability Appraisal (SEA) [PDF] (file size 435.39Kb)
CD20Equalities Impact Assessment [PDF] (file size 63.56Kb)
Document RefName
CD21Conservation and Design Publication Policy July 2013 [PDF] (file size 205.74Kb)
CD22Consultation Responses table [PDF] (file size 317.55Kb)
CD23Representations from Statutory Consultees [PDF] (file size 1.17Mb)
CD24Consultation Statement [PDF] (file size 185.82Kb)
CD25Guide to Consultation [PDF] (file size 140.78Kb)
CD26Policy Formulation Report [PDF] (file size 213.40Kb)
Document RefName
CD27Partial Review of Core Strategy - December 2012 [PDF] (file size 463.02Kb)
CD28SEA Scoping Report [PDF] (file size 300.59Kb)
CD29SEA Scoping Report - Appendix 1 - UDP Policies [PDF] (file size 753.11Kb)
CD30SEA Scoping Report - Appendix 2 - Core Strategy Policies [PDF] (file size 39.66Kb)
Draft Policy Consultation Events 
Document RefName
CD31Workshop Report - October 2012 [PDF] (file size 102.43Kb)
CD32Workshop Report - January 2013 [PDF] (file size 64.35Kb)

Common Submission Documents: These documents are relevant to the submitted policies on Basements, Conservation and Design and Miscellaneous Matters.