Planning Policy


New Local Plan Review - Examination

Find details of the New Local Plan Examination including all relevant documents.

Local Plan

Information about the New Local Plan Review Examination and the Local Plan adopted in September 2019.

The London Plan

The London Plan 2021 and related documents.

Supplementary planning documents and guidance

Information on borough-wide and place-specific supplementary planning documents and guidance (SPD and SPG) which provide guidance on the Council's planning policies and processes.

Neighbourhood planning

The Borough is home to two Neighbourhood Plans. Documents which form part of the development plan for their areas.

Search consultations

Search consultations.

Search Planning data with our digital map

Search Planning data with our digital map.

Local Development Scheme

The Council's timetable for planning policy documents over coming years.

Statement of Community Involvement

Information about how people can engage with the planning system, including through planning applications, planning policy and neighbourhood plans.


Read our annual monitoring report for updates on our planning policies and other information.

Submission Core Strategy

Information on the submission core strategy which has incorporated recommended changes resulting from regulation 27 consultation.

Core Strategy Examination

Inspector's binding report which confirms that the Core Strategy is a sound document subject to some amendments

Core Strategy Evidence Base Documents

Information about previous core strategy evidence base documents.

Sustainability Appraisal

Archived information on the Council's Sustainability Appraisal for the Draft Core Strategy

Development plan

Information about development plan documents.

Affordable Housing Viability

Information on affordable housing viability studies which inform preparation of local development frameworks.

Core Strategy: Past Consultations

The Local Development Framework is the collection of local development documents produced by theCouncil which collectively delivers the spatial planning strategy for the Borough

Scoping report Vol 2

Download the full scoping report, volume 2 for baseline figures.

Towards preferred options

Towards Preferred Options Core Strategy and North Kensington Plan This document combined the Core Strategy and the North Kensington Area Action Plan, which we consulted on earlier in the year

Wornington Green SPD

Information about the Wornington Green Estate supplementary planning document with reports for download.

Core Strategy Representors' Documents

This page contains the list of the representor's documents which are documents related to the examination process

Core Strategy Hearing Library

The preparation of the Submission Core Strategy has been informed by a wide range of key documents

Noise SPD

The Noise Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) sets out the Councils supplementary planning advice for controlling noise from new development and protecting noise sensitive new development from existing noise.

Air Quality SPD

The Air Quality Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) sets out the Councils requirements for improving air quality in new development, conversions and change of use

Warwick Road SPD

On the 11 January 2008, the Royal Borough adopted the Warwick Road Planning Brief Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

Designing out crime

The Designing Out Crime SPD sets out the commitment of the Royal Borough to crime prevention

Princess Louise Hospital SPD

On the 29 December 2006, the Royal Borough adopted the first document of the Local Development Framework (LDF).

Basements Review: Past Consultations

Download responses to basements publication planning policy review from past consultations in 2014.

Sustainably retrofitting your home

Information about upgrading existing buildings to be more energy efficient and use cleaner energy.

Conservation and Design Review: Former Consultation

Former consultation conservation and design core strategy review

Conservation and Design Review: Draft Policy Consultation

As part of the Core Strategy review we are updating our policies on conservation and design. 

Miscellaneous Matters Review: Past Consultation

Download Miscellaneous Matters policy information from past consultations in 2012 and 2013.

Summary of public consultation

Download summary report and appendices about ambitions for Notting Hill Gate exhibition held in September 2013.

Royal Brompton Hospital

Information about The Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust (RBHT) planning brief for sites in Chelsea.

Kensal Gasworks Strategic Site

Kensal Gasworks Strategic Site Issues and Options consultation


Contact information during and after a flood, advice on preparing for floods, policies and managing flood risk.

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Download the strategic flood risk assessment report. It helps the Council develop sustainable site allocations away from flood risk areas.

Trees and Development Supplementary Planning Document

The SPD was adopted by the Council on the 20 April 2010

Unitary Development Plan

Information about the Unitary Development Plan (UDP). This has now been superseded.  

Notting Hill Gate

Information on Notting Hill Gate's draft Supplementary Planning Documents

Westway Supplementary Planning Document

Information about the Westway supplementary planning document which was adopted in 2012. Documents are available to download.

Natural History Museum Grounds Development Framework Planning Guidelines

Information about the development framework planning for the Natural History Museum Grounds.

Shopfront Design Guide SPD

Information on our Shopfront Design Guidelines Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). It was adopted in November 2011 and can be downloaded.

Silchester Garages Supplementary Planning Document

Information about the supplementary planning document for Silchester garages.

Kensington Academy and Leisure Centre Planning Brief

Planning Brief and supporting documents for Kensington Academy and Leisure Centre.

Access Design Guide

Information about Access Design Guide supplementary planning document and our aim to create an inclusive and accessible environment in the borough.

Building height supplementary planning document

Read our supplementary planning document (SPD) for guidance on building height in the borough.

Section 106

Information about Section 106 or 'planning obligations' agreements.

Conservation and Design Review: Submission

Conservation and Design Policy Submission - index of documents

Miscellaneous Matters Review: Submission

Download miscellaneous matters policy review from past consultations in 2013.

Public Houses and Local Character Review: Submission

Information and policies about resisting the loss of public houses and other facilities which make life local.

Public Houses and Local Character Review Examination

Information about the examination of the draft policy for the protection of public houses and other uses.

Core Strategy Review Common Submission Documents

Download documents for reference which were relevant to submitted policies on basements, conservation and design and miscellaneous matters.

Core Strategy Review Examination

Information relating to a partial review of the core strategy

Crossrail 2

Crossrail 2 - a proposal for a major new rail link connecting southwest and northeast London

Crossrail 2 consultation

Information about the Crossrail 2 consultation which took place in 2013 including the Council's responses.

Sustainable Drainage Systems

Information on the requirement to provide sustainable drainage systems for planning applications.

Critical drainage areas

Maps outlining critical drainage areas in the borough.

Heythrop College

Information on Heythrop College in Kensington Square which is closing in December 2018 with supplementary planning documents for download.

Crossrail 2 in Chelsea – an initial response to TfL’s consultation report

Crossrail 2 in Chelsea – an initial response to TfL’s consultation report

Basements SPD, April 2016

Information on the Basements Supplementary Planning Document which was adopted by the Council on 14 April 2016.

Transport and Streets SPD, April 2016

Information about the Transport and Streets supplementary planning document (SPD) which the Council adopted in April 2016.

Carbon Offset Fund

Guidance on the Zero Carbon Homes Standard and the Council's Carbon Offset Fund.

Brownfield Land Register

Information about the Council’s Brownfield Land Register.

Archived Statement of Community Involvement

About the archived Statement of Community Involvement.

Community Housing Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

The Council’s Leadership Team adopted the RBKC Community Housing SPD on 03 June 2020.

Housing Delivery Test Action Plan

This action plan sets out key priorities and actions that the Council are undertaking to improve housing supply.

Response to Government Consultations

Information from the council on the response to government consultations.

Greening SPD

Information about the Greening Supplementary Planning Document.

Royal Brompton Hospital SPD

Information on the move of the Royal Brompton Hospital with supplementary planning documents for download.

Planning and Place business plan 2020-21

The Planning and Place business plan which outlines our priorities and how we will deliver them.

Kensal Canalside Opportunity Area SPD

Information about the Kensal Canalside Opportunity Area with supplementary planning documents for download.

Latimer Road Design Code SPD

Information about the Latimer Road Design Code Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) and supporting documents.

Place shaping

Information on the Future High Streets Programme and Local Action Plans.

Lots Road South SPD

Information about the Lots Road South Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) and supporting documents.

Self-build and custom build

Register your interest for self-build or custom house building.

Planning Policy Consultations

Information on planning policy consultations.

Supporting documents

supporting documents notting hill gate sustainability appraisal equalities impact assessment policy and guidance impact assessment statement of consultation

Community Infrastructure Levy (Archive)

Archived documents relevant to the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Information on the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), and your obligations when making planning applications.

Article 4 directions

Information about article 4 directions and a current list of developments.

Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL)

A portion of the Community Infrastructure Levy is to be spent on local priorities - this is called Neighbourhood CIL (NCIL)

Earl’s Court Placemaking framework Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

Information about the Earl’s Court Placemaking framework Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) and supporting documents.