Noise SPD

The Noise Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) sets out the Council’s supplementary planning advice for controlling noise from new development and protecting noise sensitive new development from existing noise. The SPD supplements saved Unitary Development Plan (UDP) Policies CD40, CD41, CD52, H2 and H4, providing detailed guidance on their implementation.

The draft SPD was published for consultation for six-weeks, from 4 November 2008 to 16 December 2008.

The SPD was adopted by the Council on 21 May 2009. The SPD, together with all other supporting documents, are available to download:

Noise SPD [PDF] (file size 446Kb)

Adoption statement [PDF] (file size 21Kb)

List of respondents (Excel document - please note you will need Microsoft Excel to open this file)

Noise SPD - letter re adoption 7 August 2009 [PDF] (file size 102Kb)

Sustainability Appraisal of draft SPD [PDF] (file size 145Kb)

Hard copies of the documents are also available at the Planning Information Desk, Town Hall and at all local libraries in the Royal Borough.

For further information, please contact the Planning Line on 020 7361 3012 or email [email protected].

Last updated: 29 November 2019