Local Plan

New Local Plan Review

The Council has been working on a New Local Plan Review (NLPR) since late 2020. On 1 February 2023 Full Council approved the NLPR for submission to the Secretary of State for examination. You can find all the details about the Examination on this webpage.

We have undertaken 4 previous rounds of consultation before reaching this stage:

Following examination hearings, the Council is consulting on proposed Main Modifications identified by the Planning Inspector examining the Plan to make the NLPR sound. You can find this consultation on the following webpage:

Local Plan

On 11 September 2019, the Council adopted its Local Plan Partial Review (LPPR) Publication Policies, February 2017. This includes a new Foreword written by the Leader, Cllr Elizabeth Campbell. The adopted Local Plan incorporates both the ‘main modifications’ recommended by the Inspector and the ‘minor/additional modifications’ published by the Council.

The Local Plan is also available to download in three sections as follows:

You can contact the Planning Policy team on [email protected] of you would like a hard copy of the Local Plan. The cost is £52. The Proposal Map will cost an additional £16.



The Local Plan was adopted at the Full Council meeting on 11 September 2019. Watch a webcast of the meeting. Further details of the meeting, and the decision, can be seen on the Meetings page.

As required by Regulations 26 of the Town and County Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 (as amended) the Council must make available:

An adoption statement

The Council carried out the sustainability appraisal for the LPPR within a wider Integrated Impact Assessment (IIP). Two documents are of particular relevance:

Integrated Impact Assessment (May 2017) 

Integrated Impact Assessment Addendum (July 2018) 

IIA Adoption Statement (September 2019)

These documents are also available for inspection during normal office hours at Kensington Town Hall and local libraries. See the Library pages for details.

A short briefing note has been prepared which sets out the principal changes introduced by the LPPR.

LPPR Briefing

Full details about the preparation and examination of the LPPR can been seen on the Local Plan Examination page.


Neighbourhood Plans

The Borough is home to two Neighbourhood Plans which also form part of the development plan for their areas:


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