Response to Government Consultations

Occasionally the Council will respond to Government consultations or other planning consultations such as those being carried out by the GLA. Below you can find documents that have been prepared and submitted by Council in response to those consultations since October 2020.

Changes to the current planning system (consultation on changes to planning policy and regulations) - This consultation was run by the government from 6 August 2020 to 1 October 2020. This consultation sets out proposals for measures to improve the effectiveness of the current planning system.

Response to consultation on Changes to the Current Planning System.pdf

Planning for the Future White Paper - On 6 August 2020 the Government started its 12-week consultation period until October 29 on the Planning for the Future White Paper. The White Paper proposes radical reforms to the planning system. The Council’s response will be approved by the Leadership Team on 8 October 2020. Please visit the RBKC page for further details on the council's response. This response may have further small amendments before it is submitted and the final response will be placed here when available.