Kensal Gasworks Strategic Site

An Issues and Options consultation containing our early thoughts on the possible development opportunities for the Kensal Gasworks Strategic Site was issued for public consultation between 12 June and 23 July 2012.

Issues and Options Paper for Kensal Gasworks

A Sustainability Appraisal (SEA/SA) was prepared for the Core Strategy in October 2009. The Kensal Strategic Site was appraised in this report which is available here:

Sustainability Appraisal  [PDF] (warning large file size 2.4Mb)

To support the Issues and Options paper, the Council also commissioned reports into the possible regeneration and economic benefits that would be realised through a Crossrail station in North Kensington.

Addendum Report of the Crossrail Regeneration Strategic Prospectus to include a station in North Kensington (Regeneris Consulting 2012):

Addendum Report

Economic Impact Assessment of a Station in North Kensington (Regeneris Consulting 2012):

Economic Impact Assessment

A draft planning brief will be prepared once the details of any transport infrastructure for the site is confirmed.

In June 2013, the Minister for Transport, Stephen Hammond MP wrote to the Council to inform the Council that the Department for Transport and Transport for London would not undertake any further work on a Crossrail Station but would entertain a further discussion if an improved business could be justified.

The Royal Borough consider that the business case assumptions made by the DfT were incorrect and are in the process of demonstrating the potential benefit that a station in North Kensington could bring.

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