Flooding planning policies

Planning policies

There are two main flooding policies in our consolidated local plan (2015):

  • policy CE2 Flooding in chapter 24
  • policy CL7 Basements in chapter 22

Read more about our local plan.

Critical drainage areas

If you are a developer and your site is located in a critical drainage area you need to submit a flood risk assessment.

Read more about critical drainage areas.

Strategic flood risk assessment

Strategic flood risk assessment gives an overall assessment of flood risk in the borough.

Sequential test

A sequential test is a decision-making tool designed to ensure sites at little or no risk of flooding are developed in preference to areas which have a higher risk of flooding.

Surface water management plan

Surface water management plan focuses on surface water and gives information on critical drainage areas.

Local flood risk management strategy

Local flood risk management strategy gives information regarding flood risks in the borough and how we address it.

Preliminary flood risk assessment

The preliminary flood risk assessment is a high-level screening exercise with information on local flood risk from past and future flooding events.

Multi-agency flood plans

Environment Agency's flood map

Last updated: 7 February 2020