Sustainability Appraisal

The Council has undertaken a Sustainability Appraisal for the Draft Core Strategy and will be carrying out a Sustainability Appraisal of all documents within the Royal Borough's Local Development Framework (LDF). Following a five week period of public consultation, the Council produced, in 2005, an Addendum Scoping Report.

The Scoping Report consists of three volumes – the report itself and two technical appendices.

It sets out what is considered to be the appropriate context for the appraisals that have been carried out; it established the Royal Borough’s environmental baseline; it listed the sustainability appraisal objectives which are considered to be most appropriate for the Royal Borough; and it decides on the scope of the future appraisal.

Scoping Report - Volume 1 - Adopted [PDF file] (warning: this is a large file size 2.9Mb)

Scoping Report - Volume 2 - Baseline Figures

Scoping Report - Volume 3 - Context Review [PDF file] (file size 510Kb)

The Council used the Scoping Report as the basis of carrying out the sustainability appraisal of the various options outlined within the Issues and Options paper. We have worked with consultants to identify the economic, social and environmental implications of these options.

An Interim Sustainability Appraisal Report documents the findings of this options appraisal. The Council took the findings of this independent appraisal into account when progressing the LDF to the ‘preferred options’ stage of the process.

Interim Sustainability Appraisal Report [PDF file] (file size 298Kb)

Earlier this year, the Council produced a Sustainability Appraisal Update Report which is a non-statutory report and aims to inform statutory consultees and stakeholders of the SA process that has occurred. This report also looks to identify how the SA has influenced the preparation of the plan, providing an update to the Scoping Report, prepared in 2005, and reporting any suggested changes to the SA framework to undertake the appraisal of the Core Strategy with a focus on North Kensington.

Sustainability Appraisal Update Report [PDF file] (warning: large file size 5.5Mb)


Sustainability Appraisal of the Core Strategy for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea with a focus on North Kensington


Finally, as part of the Local Development Framework, the Council has produced several iterations of the Sustainability Appraisal of the  Core Strategy for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea with a focus on North Kensington.

July 2009 update [PDF file] (warning: large file size 1.7Mb)

October 2009 update [PDF file] (warning: large file size 3Mb)

Sustainability Appraisal Report: Non Technical Summary [PDF file] (warning: large file size 2Mb)


Sustainability Appraisal of Supplementary Planning Documents


The Council will be preparing a number of Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD) as part of the Local Development Framework. The program for their production is set out in the Local Development Scheme.