Basements Review: Past Consultations

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Basements Publication Planning Policy (12 February to 26 March 2014)

The period for representations on the 'soundness' of the Publication Policies ran from Wednesday 12 February to 26 March 2014. The policy document along with all other supporting documents are also available on the consultation portal.

The publication policy that was the subject of this consultation was submitted to the Secretary of State. 

Basements Publication Planning Policy (Feb 2014) (pdf - 977 Kb)

Consultation Response Form (MS word - 30Kb)

Guide to Making Representations (pdf - 67Kb)

Statement of Representation Procedures (pdf - 37Kb)

Supporting Documents

Freedom of Information requests

The Council has received the following Freedom of Information (FOI) requests in relation to the above consultation. A response has been provided and as these relate to the formulation of the basements policy it is appropriate to make them available to all interested parties. 

Basement Force Request for Information Feb 2014

Basement Force Council's Response Feb 2014

Basement Force Comments and Council Response 19 March 2014

Cranbrook Basements Request 6 Mar 2014

Cranbrook Basements Council Response

Basements Publication Planning Policy (9 July to 3 September 2013)

These Consultation responses to the Basements Publication Planning Policy were received. A complete set of documents that were consulted on at this stage and at all previous stages can be found on our past consultations page:

Freedom of Information requests

The Council received several Freedom of Information (FOI) requests in July and August 2013 in relation to the emerging basement policy. The Council's brief to Alan Baxter and Associates has been released in response to one of these requests. As the FOI requests and the released brief relate to the formulation of the basements policy it is appropriate to make them available to all interested parties. The FOI requests and the Council's response have been consolidated into a single document. These can be viewed by following the links below. It should be noted that the Council does not hold any additional evidence other than what has already been published in relation to the emerging basement policy.

Consolidated FOI Requests and the Council's Response [PDF] (file size 299Kb)

Council's Brief to Alan Baxter and Associates [PDF] (file size 26Kb)

Basement Survey Responses

The Council carried out a survey of residents in August/September 2012 to better understand their concerns regarding basements. The responses to the surveys can be found below and more information can be found on the basements survey webpage.

Response to neighbours survey

Response to residents associations survey

Response to owners survey


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