Miscellaneous Matters Review: Past Consultation

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This review related to the policies that remained from the Unitary Development Plan (UDP) which were also being reviewed, to be ‘rolled forward’ into the Core Strategy. This was also in response to the NPPF, which emphasises the need for ‘up to date’ policies. The consultation related to outstanding UDP policies except for those relating to Housing and Offices and Industry which will be subject to a separate review. 

Miscellaneous Matters Publication Planning Policy

The period for representations for the Publication Document ran from Tuesday 9 July to Tuesday 3 September 2013.

This consultation is now closed.

The following documents related to this consultation:

Initial consultation (closed - December 2012 / January 2013)

The initial consultation period on ‘Miscellaneous Matters’ ran from Thursday 6 December 2012 until Thursday 31 January 2013. You can view the documents consulted upon on the consultation portal.

Further consultation (closed - March / May 2013) 

The Council chose to further amend Policy CE1 (Climate change) concerning the appropriate carbon standards that developers will be expected to address for new development and appropriate extensions. The Council also decided to amend Policy CR7 (servicing) concerned with the design and nature of servicing facilities. 

This consultation concerned the changes to these two policies only. The consultation ran from 21 March to 2 May 2013. This consultation has now ended.

You can view the proposed draft policy below.

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