Warwick Road SPD

On the 11 January 2008, the Royal Borough adopted the Warwick Road Planning Brief Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). The draft SPD was consulted upon from Monday 10 September, 2007, to Monday 22 October, 2007 and with the inclusion of a Masterplan, from Tuesday November 13 until Tuesday 11 December 2007.

The SPD applies the Unitary Development Plan 2007 and the London Plan policies to four adjacent sites on Warwick Road. Running north to south they sites consist of Charles House, a vacant site formerly used by the Territorial Army and known as the TA site, the Empress Telephone Exchange site and Homebase with its accompanying car park.

The Council is seeking to create the right conditions for a sustainable neighbourhood with a sense of identity and place, creating a mix of uses that will support this aim and to create a model template for exemplar architecture and a coordinated and holistic sustainable development in the borough.

The SPD specifies that the Council is seeking a high quality residential development on all four sites together with supporting infrastructure. Small scale commercial uses serving the needs of future residents will also be encouraged.

Warwick Road Planning Brief [PDF] (file size 371Kb)

Adoption Statement [PDF] (file size 22Kb)

Consultation Statement [PDF] (file size 507Kb)

Sustainability Statement [PDF] (file size 31Kb)

Sustainability Appraisal [PDF] (file size 794Kb)

All of the above documents can be downloaded from the links above or are available for viewing in the libraries and in the Planning Information Office located in the Town Hall, between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

For further information, or to obtain paper copies of these documents, please contact the Planning Policy Team by email: PlanningPolicy@rbkc.gov.uk.

Last updated: 29 November 2019