RBKC Local app

Noticed a streetlight that isn’t working? Want to report a broken parking meter or maybe you want to stay up to date with local news and events? 

Downloading the RBKC Local app for your Android or Apple device is free, gives you the ease to report issues, track your report plus access a range of other services.

What can the RBKC Local app do for you?

Report It

  • Abandoned vehicle - Report abandoned vehicles in a public road or highway.
  • Carriageway defect - Carriageway defects include potholes on a public road or highway.
  • Dog fouling - Report dog fouling in a public area and provide details of the owner if known.
  • Dumps / Flytipping - Report items dumped in public areas and report offenders when known. 
  • Illegal fly posting - Fly-posting - where posters and banners have been placed in public areas without permission
  • Fraud - This includes benefit, housing/tenacy and council tax fraud.
  • General feedback - Provide complaints/praise/general comments on council issues or performance. 
  • Graffiti - Report a problem with graffiti and offenders where known.
  • Missed bin collection - Report dates of missed bin collections
  • Broken parking meter - Provide details of broken parking meters.
  • Street Cleaning / Litter - Request street cleaning of weeds and general litter in a public area
  • Street issues - Street issues include items such as street lights, pavements, roadworks etc


For help using the app email us at: RBKCCustomerServices@rbkc.gov.uk

Downloading the app for your device

Download the RBKC Local app from Google Play store 

Download the RBKC Local app from the iTunes store