Schools Art Loan programme

The Schools Art Loan programme provides an ideal opportunity for businesses to meet Corporate Social Responsibility targets, by supporting art departments in the borough’s schools, giving a sense of purpose to local up-and-coming artists, and supporting development of an innovative project at Leighton House Museum. 

Students whose work is selected for loan by a business through the programme will receive recognition that can be included in their portfolio or CV, and so contributing to their professional development.

The benefits

Recent research demonstrates that staff are more productive if they can tailor their surroundings to their needs and preferences. Employees can be invited to view the works during the exhibition and choose pieces for their office spaces, offering a mechanism for staff to personally select artworks for their working environment. Changing the artwork regularly also increases the opportunity for staff engagement and ownership of their surroundings. If a piece is well liked by all, we would endeavour to open conversations with the artist to explore the possibility of a business purchasing a piece at the end of the loan period. This would depend on the piece and the individual artist, and would vary depending upon the situation.

The programme also offers a practical solution for businesses operating in flexible or short-term contemporary offices designed to be reconfigured as and when. The Schools Art Loan programme complements flexible working arrangements as loan periods can vary from 6-12 months depending on the business’s needs. Participating businesses will also benefit from marketing opportunities. 

How it works

Each piece on loan will come with an accompanying caption with information about the Schools Art Loan programme, which can be displayed alongside the piece. This demonstrates clearly to clients and external visitors that the business is participating in the programme.  Further marketing opportunities could include mention of participating businesses in publicity produced by the Council, features in case studies used to promote the programme, and on the Council's website.

Income generated through the programme (through sponsorship and the artwork loan scheme) is split between covering costs and a contribution to schools and/or students whose artwork is on loan to businesses. As the Schools Art Loan programme develops, a proportion of the income could be set aside for developing future sustainability for the Art on Show project or increasing access to arts activities for school students.

Copyright of each individual artwork remains with the student throughout the loan period. All artworks on loan are covered by contents/damage insurance held by the businesses.

Artworks will be available and ready to hang from July 2015.


Watch the Leader of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Councillor Nicholas Paget-Brown talking about Art On Show and the Schools Art Loan programme






Get in touch

To find out more about the Art on Show project or to participate in the Schools Art Loan programme, contact:

Jennifer Wood
Culture Service Development Officer
The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Arts Service
Tel: 02073 614 378