About City Living, Local Life

reading zfold leafletCity Living, Local Life is a programme in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea where local people like you, other community members and your Councillors identify local issues that matter and find practical ways to make the area a better place to live. The programme gives small amounts of money and lots of practical support to the best ideas.

The programme is your chance to make a difference to your street, your neighbourhood - your local life.

How does City Living, Local Life work?

There are 18 wards in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. 14 of these wards have three councillors and four wards have two councillors. Wards with three councillors have up to £20,000 to allocate per year and for those with two councillors, it is up to £14,000.

Each area of Kensington and Chelsea is unique, and so are the approaches taken by different wards and the projects supported. While each area is unique, the aims of City Living, Local Life remain the same across wards, these are to:

  • enhance understanding of local areas (including history, geography, demography, local assets and community resources);
  • build stronger connections and relationships within communities (networking within and beyond ward boundaries);
  • help to identify, assess and prioritise improvements in local areas;
  • devise practical solutions that engage and involve local people and;
  • work with local people and organisations to deliver those solutions.

You can see all projects funded to date on our ward spending online database.

How can my idea or existing project access support?

if you'd like support to get started or advice on shaping your project, contact your Ward Councillors (use our post code search) or the Community Engagement Team for an initial chat.

If you're ready to go, head to our applying for funding page

Watch the video of Ben and Sue explaining how City Living Local Life can support local ideas.


How do I learn more or get involved?

Visit the local page for your area using the map and postcode finder to find out what your ward is doing and funding, and how you can take part.

You can also: