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Go Golborne’s first themed mini-campaign was called 5 A DAY Your Way and it was all about how we should eat five portions of fruit and veg a day in whatever way we like to be healthy. We chose the theme because eating plenty of fruit and veg is key to having a healthy diet, and helping children and families to 'eat happy' is what Go Golborne is all about! Read our 5 A DAY top tips 

Over the course of the campaign local families took part in events, challenges, activities, fun and games and made use of a host of resources, information and advice on the best ways to get our 5 A DAY. They included:

5 A DAY wallchart 

The 5 A DAY 20 Day Challenge.

Local children took part in a challenge to see how many days in a 20 day period they could eat 5 A DAY for. We handed out free wallcharts on which children could track their progress as well as get some top tips from our cartoon heroes, The Superpower Crew! The wallchart is available to download on our resources page.

5 A DAY Family Fun Day

The 5 A DAY Family Fun Day

Over 200 people attended our 5 A DAY Family Fun Day. Featuring live calypso music, healthy cooking demonstrations, free food, arts and crafts, games, storytelling and lots of other activities, the event took place at the Venture Centre on Saturday 28 November.

5 A DAY magazine

The 5 A DAY Family Magazine

Every primary school child in Golborne was given a copy of our 5 A DAY family magazine, which featured lots of activities, recipes, information and advice on clever ways to get 5 A DAY. Copies were also distributed across the Golborne area and it can also be read online.

Theme song

The 5 A DAY Your Way theme song

With the help of children who attend the Venture Centre in Golborne, we commissioned local songwriter Alexander D Great to write a theme song for the campaign. The song, 5 A DAY Your Way, is a fun and extremely catchy, calypso-inspired tune encouraging us all to eat more fruit and veg! Check out YouTube to see an animation of the song. As well as performing the song at a variety of local events, Alexander also attended a number of 'rhymetime' events across RBKC to teach the song to pre-school children.

5 A DAY bags

The 5 A DAY grocery bags

We produced a range of colourful shopping bags, which were given to children via schools, partner agencies and local market stalls.

Superpower Crew

The 5 A DAY Superpower Crew

We created our very own 5 A DAY cartoon superheroes. Each character has a special superpower related to the goodness of their own fruit or veg character. Find out all about them here. The Superpower Crew also featured on a set of posters and fridge magnets, which we displayed around Golborne and gave to local families to take home

Pogo winner

The 5 A DAY photo competition

In collaboration with the RBKC Markets team, we ran a five-week 5 A DAY photo competition called #pogoeattherainbow. Residents and partner organisations posted their photos of fruit and veg of all the colours of the rainbow on social media and the best ones won prizes. Check out our winners!

Rainbow food

5 A DAY recipes

As part of our #pogoeattherainbow photo competition, we collected a range of healthy recipes that were easy and cheap to make.

Rainbow Day

Rainbow Day

On Easter Saturday, a host of local families joined us for our Rainbow Day event. Celebration all the different colours of fruit and veg, we had games, music, and lots of fun activities all related to fruit and veg! Read about Rainbow Day.

Grant-funded projects

5 A DAY Your Way grant-funded projects

As part of the campaign, we also funded a number of local organisations to deliver 5 A DAY projects. The projects included:

  • A fruit and veg drama and craft event. Read more.
  • A series of pop-up fruit and veg stalls at local schools. Read more.
  • Creative fruit and veg art and craft sessions as part of a half term holiday camp. Read more.
  • A three-day event on a wide variety of aspects of healthy eating. Read more.
  • A workshop on how to prepare cheap, healthy desserts. Read more.
  • Fruit and veg purchasing, preparing and tasting sessions at a Golborne-based community centre. Read more.