Out and about with Al-Manaar

This summer children and families switched off their screens and got to experience the great outdoors while also learning about health in a Go Golborne-funded project hosted by Al-Manaar, the Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre.

The three-day event, which was part of our Unplug and Play campaign, saw a number of local children and families visit a wetlands centre and a farm and garden centre and take part in a Q&A with a local doctor. The event encouraged participants to spend more time playing outdoors as well as alerting them to the dangers of too much screen time.

Day one of the event took in a trip to the London Wetland Centre. Local people enjoyed the centre’s lakes, ponds, gardens and play areas as well as its variety of wildlife including kingfishers, sand martins and yellow wagtails.

During day two, children and families visited Garson Farm in Surrey (pictured, right). Together, participants spent the afternoon picking their own fruit and vegetables including raspberries, strawberries and courgettes.

The final day of the event featured a health workshop with a local doctor, who spoke about the dangers of too much screen time on physical and mental health as well as the benefits of physical activity. The event finished with a celebration event featuring healthy food and opportunities for children to play.

Intalk Al Saiegh, Wellbeing Project Manager at Al-Manaar, said: “There are a huge amount of children who prefer to sit on the screen for long hours among our community. This is a major issue causing stress for the parent as well as the children. Through this event and the Unplug and Play campaign children have enjoyed the outdoors and learned how their actions will affect their mental and physical health in the long term.”