Fridays get Fruity at the Venture Centre

Every Friday, kids in Golborne are exploring the fruit on offer in their local area as part of Fruitable Fridays, a project funded by Go Golborne as part of its 5 A DAY Your Way campaign and run by The Venture Centre.

The project sees groups of children who access The Venture Centre take responsibility for a small budget to provide fruit snacks for the other children at the centre. On supervised trips to Golborne Road market, children decide which fruit to buy, in what quantities and from which stalls or shops as well as how to make the best use of their money.

Following their purchases, the children return to the Venture Centre where they learn how to prepare the fruit, which are often ones not normally eaten by the children. Once prepared, they host tasting sessions for the other children where they eat and discuss the fruit they have bought.

Libby Truscott, Children’s Services Manager at The Venture Centre, said: “The Fruitable Friday project allows children at the Venture Centre, many of whom struggle to get their 5 A DAY, to experience fruit that they have never tried before. They are learning about different foods and where they come from and key life skills including managing budgets, finding the best deal for their money and also how to prepare different fruits. This gives them confidence and a sense of achievement as many are not able to help out in the kitchen as they grow up, and gives them an understanding of how healthier choices can be better than the unhealthy ones.”

Fruitable Fridays