We all love playing!!

Playing, exploring and running about is what children do best and letting them loose is a great way to make sure they clock up at least sixty minutes of physical activity each day.

Getting children out of the house also helps to make sure they get plenty of vitamin D from the summer sun to keep their bones strong and healthy.

Getting out and about is also a great way to make sure we don’t spend too much time sitting about watching TV or playing on computers. School-aged children should aim for less than two hours a day on screens and for under 5s this should be even less.

Adeventure play Stay and play Playful ideas

Find out about the amazing local adventure playgrounds and soft play centres in and around Golborne.

There are lots of ‘stay and play’ sessions for families with children under 5 happening locally. Stay, play and have lots of fun!

Find out more about the play facilities in local parks and ideas for keeping little one’s busy - whatever the weather.

Unplug & Play  Pedal and Stride motif  
Go Golborne’s second campaign, Unplug and Play, was all about helping children to be active and to develop healthy screen habits this summer and beyond. Go Golborne’s fourth mini-campaign, Pedal & Stride was all about promoting active travel amongst children and families.