Help, "How To's" and Useful Guidance

Below are a series of helpful "How To" Guides and guidance, from introductions to City Living, Local Life to starting your own Tenant or Resident Association. Click on the tabs on the right for an A-Z directory of Community Organisations in RBKC and information on setting up you own community-run local website. 


How to start something good

A guide for residents developing local projects

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Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide For Councillors

Information for Councillors about City Living, Local Life

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How to organise a street party in the Royal Borough

Everything from bunting to licenses. For even more information, visit the special events web page.

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How to start a tenant or resident association

Tips on getting organised to make a difference on your street

[PDF] (file size 499Kb)
 people in difficult meeting

How to address conflict in a residents association or garden committee

Impartial advice and support resources

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How to Involve young people in ward activities

Information about involving young people in City Living, Local Life

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 Share ideas, start something good

Share Ideas, Start Something Good

About City Living, Local Life, FAQs and project ideas. You can also see the About page of this website.

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