My Abingdon

City Living, Local Life has offered support to a group of businesses on Stratford Road in the past couple of years and have assisted them in developing their own business forum.  They have also received funding to promote their popular annual Christmas Street party, which featured a local choir.

Elsewhere Councillors have been working with two local churches in the ward to deliver local improvement projects.  Councillors funded two years’ worth of intergenerational cooking and choir sessions at Kensington United Reformed Church.  They have also supported the development of a local outreach programme at St Phillips Church building on their recently completed community audit.  Both projects look set to support a wide range of residents in Abingdon and Councillors will be checking in with both projects regularly to hear about their progress. 

- If you are interested in becoming more involved with the Stratford Road Business Forum, you can get in touch with the Forum via email.

- If you have your own ideas for local projects in Abingdon, get in touch with your local Councillors, or email City Living, Local Life.

Ward Spend 2016/17: £920

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