My Brompton and Hans Town

Recently, Brompton and Hans Town Councillors have focused their City Living, Local Life activity on providing educational and play opportunities for local children and young people. This has included working with prominent local organisations such as the Chelsea FC Foundation to grow their Premier League Kicks programme in South Kensington and Chelsea as well as the Friends of Opera Holland Park to deliver Key Stage Two Music workshops.

The Brompton and Hans Town Councillors also awarded funding to Open Age to extend their Link Up project and focus on local ward residents to help them get out and about, meet others and enjoy favourite pastimes.

- Find out more about Chelsea FC Foundation’s Premier League Kicks programme and how to get involved

- If you have any ideas for projects in Brompton and Hans Town, get in touch with City Living, Local Life.

Ward spend 2016/17: £13,394

Brompton and Hans Town Community Noticeboard