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Councillors in Colville have focused much of their City Living, Local Life activity on supporting inclusive art and history projects.  Of particular note has been the Sound of the Westway, a talk and exhibition of the musical history wrapped up in the Westway, hosted at Book and Kitchen.

Elsewhere music (Joy of Sound), dance (Mark Elie Dance Foundation) and art (Fruit for the Apocalypse) workshops were run, involving approximately 800 local residents, ranging in age and background. Local youth events were also supported including EPIC’s Apollo Awards and the Looked After Children event for young people in care, held at Kensington Town Hall.

More recently, an extensive archive project of local activist Mike Braybrook was funded, as well as support to the Volunteer Centre's Kensington and Chelsea Ambassadors to greet and assist visitors to Portobello Market.

- If you are interested in either of these projects, find out more by emailing the Mike Braybrook archive or the Volunteer Centre respectively.

Prior to making a City Living, Local Life application, it is advised you read the ward priorities for Colville this year.

Ward Spend 2016/17: £20,000

Get involved in the Colville Community Forum

One of the main ways local people can get involved in Colville is through the 'Colville Community Forum'. The forum is a fully constituted community organisation, with each of the three ward councillors as trustees and Forum members representatives from local people and organisations. Residents are invited along to the public meetings of the Forum to suggest activities which may be of benefit to local people, so that feedback can be given by neighbours and help inform councillor decisions on the budget spend. Visit the Colville Community Forum to find out more.

Read the Colville Community History Newsletter

As part of the City Living, Local Life supported Colville Community History project, regular newsletters are being produced to celebrate the rich history of the area.  They are available to read on the Colville Community Forum website.

Colville Community Noticeboard