My Dalgarno

It has been a busy year in Dalgarno ward with 14 different projects in receipt of City Living Local Life funding. Amongst these were contributions towards several local arts initiatives. The Corner 9 Arts project received funding for a new portable pottery kiln which has helped them deliver free Saturday sessions for the local community. SPID theatre, in the North of the ward received funding for a play about life on local estates working with local young residents and Dalgarno volunteers. The Notting Hill Nurseries Carnival 2017 received a contribution towards running costs. Led by the Children’s and Parents Carnival Association, this event took place in August 2017 at Kensington memorial park and was themed ‘Ready for the Road’.

For the full list of City Living Local Life funded projects please visit our ward spending pages.

Total spend in 2017/18: £13,994.00

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