My Dalgarno

Through City Living, Local Life the Dalgarno councillors have been looking to provide residents with employment training, support and opportunities. A number of projects have sought to tackle this, namely the ClementJames IntoWork programme that offers 1:1 employment support and advice, boosting the Dalgarno Centre’s volunteering opportunities and promoting the London Living Wage for a local intern to work with the Kensington and Chelsea Social Council.

As well as helping local residents grow, bringing people together people together and celebrating the rich history and culture of the area has also been a priority of the Dalgarno councillors. This includes helping the West London Bowling Club to open up their archives and create a website, supporting SPID Theatre to work with young people to make animated films about life in Dalgarno, bringing people together for the annual RISE Festival and getting into the Carnival spirit with the Notting Hill Nurseries Carnival.

- Check out the fascinating history of the West London Bowling Club on its 'Stories from the Green' website.

- Find out more about the employment support on offer through IntoWork.

- Learn more about SPID Theatre and its opportunities for local young people.

Ward spend 2016/17: £14,000

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