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Having funded a £1000 youth drama project in exploring childrens’ experience of World War One, the ward Councillors are looking forward to finding new projects to bring the Redcliffe community together.

As the hundredth anniversary of The Great War is taking place, and nobody who fought in that war is still with us, Councillors allocated the Earl’s Court Community Trust £1000 to Educate local youths through drama about the lives past generations lived.

Councillors have also funded a leaflet that details provision of uniformed organisations for young people and an installation performance in Brompton Cemetery.

Previously, Redcliffe Ward Councillors commissioned a ward-wide survey and identified a number of issues such as tackling isolation amongst older people, supporting local youth projects and environmental improvements.  Read the ward survey report from 2013

For a full list of funded projects in Redcliffe since 2012, please check the ward spending archive.

If you live in Redcliffe and have any ideas for a better ward, let us know! Or apply to have your project funded through the website.

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