My St Helens

In its second and third year with City Living, Local Life, St Helen’s have supported two local history projects with Open Age and Maxilla Archive.  Councillors have also enabled two programmes to benefit local residents at ClementJames (IntoWork) and the Dalgarno Trust (Volunteer training and volunteer-delivered programmes).

Following the issue of a ward based survey, residents gathered at St. Pius X Church, for the St Helen’s Conversation to discuss the results of the survey, and further ideas.  One of the main actions from the meeting was for active residents, keen on becoming more involved in their local area to join the St Helen’s resident association.

- To find about more about becoming involved in your area, contact the St Helen’s Resident Association.

- Found out more about employability support at ClementJames, with IntoWork.

- For more information about the volunteering opportunities at Dalgarno, contact the Centre.

Ward spend 2016/2017: £13,456.44

St. Helens Community Noticeboard