Content guidelines for the Community Noticeboard

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What type of content is eligible for publication?

1.    All City Living, Local Life funded or supported activity;

OR the news, story, event or other content type must be:

2.    Located within the Royal Borough

3.    Demonstrably of benefit to the community and in the spirit of the City Living, Local Life aims, which include (a) practical help and solutions; (b) resident-led projects; (c) evidence from residents about local need and community issues; (d) enhanced understanding of local areas, including history, geography, demography, local assets and community resources; (e) strong connections and relationships within communities

4.    Considered to be local, community-led, civic or of primary benefit to residents including public meetings, street parties, fun days, AGMs, etc.

5.    Local, produced by or for residents and community-minded.

6.    Information about resources, including funding, information, and training and support that supports individual or community capacity and resilience

7.    Arts and culture events and news that are local (not-borough wide unless relevant to other aims), free or low cost (or have low cost options), of community benefit or in the spirit of City Living, Local Life

8.    Commercial activity, advertising, events or news only for shops and trading that can be considered local (non-chain stores or local chains) or for events and promotions that can be reasonably considered of community benefit. No business will be promoted to the expense of others on purely commercial basis (i.e. x DIY shop is the best for local garden equipment).