City Living, Local Life ward spend - 2015/16

The table below shows the projects and activities that have received City Living, Local Life funding from 1 April 2015 - 31 March 2016.  Please email if you would like to find out more about any of the projects listed.


Name of project / activity Name of organisation Ward Budget (£)
Stratford Road Improvements Kensington Magazine Abingdon 450
Singing and cooking sessions Kensington United Reformed Church Abingdon 2,000
Abingdon outreach St Philips Church Abingdon 3,000
KS2 Music Workshops Opera Holland Park Friends Brompton and Hans Town 612
Football sessions Premier League Kicks Brompton and Hans Town 1,986.93
Campden Ward Social (2/2) Open Age Campden 2,897.25
Food Explorers week at Fox Primary Food Explorers Campden 1,000
Social Isolation project support (payment 2/2) Kensington and Chelsea Forum for Older Residents Campden 4,849
CLLL leaflet Kensington and Chelsea Forum for Older Residents Campden 771
Xmas Lunch St George's Church Campden 1,000
Campden Ward Social 2016 Open Age Campden 2,000
Summer Fete and Farm Trip Worlds End Under 5;s Chelsea Riverside 750
Summer Fete Cremorne Residents Association of Lots Village Chelsea Riverside 1,000
Chelsea Youth Festival EPIC CIC Chelsea Riverside 4,500
Intergenerational Film Project Age UK Kensington and Chelsea Chelsea Riverside 2,000
IT Hub Chelsea Theatre Chelsea Riverside 3,000
Kings Road Xmas Lights Kings Road group Chelsea Riverside 1,980
World's End over 50s Xmas Lunch Worlds End Over 50s club Chelsea Riverside 500
Football sessions Premier League Kicks Chelsea Riverside 1,986.93
Gillick Plaque Moravian church Chelsea Riverside 500
Planters Big Local Chelsea Riverside 500
Laptops Cremorne Residents Association of Lots Village Chelsea Riverside 499.9
Arthouse: Powis Square Fruit for the Apocalypse Colville 1,850
Visual Arts Festival 2015 Notting Hill Visual Arts Colville 1,820
Joy of Sound equipment for music workshops Colville 1,000
Mark Elie Dance Foundation Mark Elie Dance Foundation Colville 1,500
Apollo Awards 2015 EPIC CIC Colville 1,500
Colville ward newsletter councillors Colville 2,332.84
Colville History project Book and Kitchen Colville 500
Stepping Up Looked After Children Colville 400
K&C ambassadors Volunteer Centre Colville 1,500
Archive project (2payments made) Mike Braybrook Archive Group Colville 4,900
Gloucester Road Hanging Baskets Structural Testing Window Flowers Courtfield 538.92
Cranley Mews Street Party Friends of Friends Courtfield 700
Christmas Carol Concert Onslow Neighbourhood Association Courtfield 350
Legal fees against casino AGSGA Courtfield 3,000
Workshops for homeless Evolve Housing Courtfield 1,907.08
 Hanging baskets Window Flowers Courtfield 4,104
Gloucester Road Kiosk deposit Prestige Kiosks Courtfield 10,000
Fun Day Friends of Little Wormwood Scrubs Dalgarno 1,500
RISE Festival St Francis Church Dalgarno 650
High Above The Sky animated film SPID Theatre Dalgarno 1,500
Food Explorers Week at Barlby The Food Explorers CIC Dalgarno 1,000
Notting Hill Nurseries Carnival 2015 Children and Parents Carnival Association Dalgarno 1,000
WLBC History Project West London Bowling Club Dalgarno 850
Apollo Awards 2015 EPIC CIC Dalgarno 750
IntoWork The ClementJames Centre Dalgarno 2,000
CLLL leaflet CLLL Dalgarno 750
Mental Health first aid training Dalgarno Trust Dalgarno 800
Food poverty research Kensington and Chelsea Social Council Dalgarno 2,368
Volunteer Programme Dalgarno Trust Dalgarno 832
Earl's Court Christmas Lights Earls Court Business Group Earl's Court 3,750
Tardis police box refurbishment Earls Court Police Ward Panel Earl's Court 4,000
Crypt improvements St Cuthbert's Earl's Court 8,000
International Woman's Day An Nisa Earl's Court 500
Laptops for volunteers Solidarity sports Earl's Court 1,200
Golborne Festival Golborne Forum Golborne 5,500
Volunteer Training and Recognition W10 Volunteering (c/o Meanwhile Gardens) Golborne 1,090
Steelband Concert Ebony Steelband Trust Golborne 1,500
Web and Social Media Love Golborne Golborne 2,400
Notting Hill Nurseries Carnival 2015 Children and Parents Carnival Association Golborne 500
Venture Centre Fun Day Venture Centre Golborne 1,000
Al-Hasaniya/Nour Cooking Project Al-Hasaniya Golborne 1,500
Eid Celebration Bevington Primary Golborne 500
Domestic Violence project Al-Hasaniya Golborne 500
Sewing machines Dadihiye Somali Development Organisation Golborne 435.52
Golborne Festival Golborne Forum Golborne 3,000
Valentines Tea Dance Open Age Golborne 77.48
City Living, Local Life leaflet City Living, Local Life Golborne 1,997
Defibrillator Holland Park Surgery Holland 494
Holand Park convo St George's Church Holland 50
Xmas Lights Lidgate Butchers Norland 4,000
Football sessions New Hope Academy Norland 2,267.85
Notting Dale Children's Community Event Notting Dale Children's Community Group Notting Dale 400
Whitstable Garden Club equipment Whitstable and Robinson Garden Club Notting Dale 489.74
Oxford Gardens Food Explorers Week  The Food Explorers Notting Dale 1,000
Maxilla History Project Corner 9 Arts Notting Dale 500
Eid Surgery Event KCTMO Notting Dale 300
Christmas Party Whitchurch House Sheltered Housing Scheme Residents' Association Notting Dale 200
Lancaster West Xmas dinner Lancaster West RA Notting Dale 250
Autism unit improvements Kensington Aldridge Academy Notting Dale 900
Stepping Up Looked After Children Notting Dale 400
Maxilla History Project venue hire Corner 9 Arts Notting Dale 500
Seaside trip Latymer Centre Notting Dale 1,004
Church roof improvements St Clements Notting Dale 5,000
Web and Social Media Silchester RA Notting Dale 1,000
Fun day for bullied kids Just For Fun Notting Dale 324
IntoWork ClementJames Notting Dale 2,500
Water pump ADKC Notting Dale 503.74
Volunteer Programme Dalgarno Trust Notting Dale 488
Equipment and community event Henry Dickens Garden Club Notting Dale 840
Ventilation Improvements (payment 2/2) Gate Theatre Pembridge 6,959.50
Hanging baskets Pembridge Road Association Pembridge 2,330.48
Community Outreach HELP Pembridge 2,000
Earl's Court Film Festival Earl's Court Community Trust Redcliffe 750
Football sessions Premier League Kicks Redcliffe 1,986.93
Football pitch resurfacing Earls Court Youth Club Redcliffe 12,500
Activities for older residents New Horizons Royal Hospital 5,000
Kings Road Xmas Lights Kings Road group Royal Hospital 2,500
Pensioners BBQ Royal Hospital Royal Hospital 5,000
Football sessions Premier League Kicks Royal Hospital 1,986.93
Maxilla History Project Corner 9 Arts St. Helen's 500
Local History Walks and Talks Open Age St. Helen's 966
St Helen's Conversation Hall Hire St Pius Church St. Helen's 50
IntoWork The ClementJames Centre St. Helen's 2,500
Volunteer run programmes Dalgarno Trust St. Helen's 1,875
Xmas Presents Royal Brompton Hospital Stanley 500
Football sessions Premier League Kicks Stanley 1,986.93