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We offer an on-going programme of informative talks and walks on environment and wildlife topics, open days in the wildlife area, training events and workshops. We also offer conservation volunteering events every third Saturday of the month.

View our 2017 programme [PDF] (file size 157KB) for a flavour of the type of events and activities we offer. Please visit the centre, parks reception or a RBKC library for a more detailed paper copy.

Free Gardening for Wildlife Workshops

Calling all gardeners! Pick up practical tips to improve your garden and growing spaces for wildlife in our series of free horticultural workshops at Holland Park Ecology Centre.  

Led by Julie Henley- Wilkinson a qualified organic horticulturist and gardener who promotes wellbeing and biodiversity. She has two allotments and grows a mixture of cut flowers, soft and tree fruits and vegetables for the table.

You are welcome to book all five workshops or just one or two.

These 2 hour workshops are suitable for any level of ability from complete beginner to experienced head gardeners! All welcome.

These workshops are funded by RBKC Ecology Service and Greener Living department.

Workshop dates:

  • Tuesday 13 June
  • Tuesday 27 June

Start times: 6.30 pm Tuesdays

Composting for beginners

Learn about composting, understanding soil and growing materials. It will include how to compost effectively, ideas for homemade potting mix from natural materials and practical activities like soil testing.

Thrifty Gardening

 ‘It doesn’t have to cost the Earth” ideas and ways to grow a range of plants on a budget, including easy veg/salad growing.  We will explore the park gardens to find seeds to save and grow on as seedlings for your gardens.

Ecology Events 2017

Pond Dipping for Adults

Creatures like water scorpions, boatmen and cyclops await your discovery in this special chance for adults to go pond dipping at our wildlife pond. Armed with a net you will discover more about the great variety of strange animals that live and breed in this underwater world. What will you catch?

Wild Plants of Holland Park Walk

Join botanist, Dr Mark Spencer, to explore Holland Park’s wild plants and flowers. Discover how to identify different plants on this afternoon walk around the park and learn some fascinating botanical facts.  

Date: Saturday 24 June
Time: 2 to 4pm
Location: Holland Park Ecology Centre
Sponsored by the Friends of Holland Park 

Parakeet Walk and Talk 

Interested in learning about research on parakeets? Join this talk led by ornithologist Bill Haines and ecologist Netty Ribeaux, who has studied their distribution and behaviour. We will also head outside to see if we can spot some of these birds.

Sponsored by the Friends of Holland Park

Summer Tree Walk: The Basics

This walk, led by a member of the Ecology Education Team, gives a basic introduction to native tree species. You will learn how to hone your identification skills of trees in leaf using examples found in Holland Park.

Bumblebee Talk

Our bumblebees are under threat. Join us for an informative and eye opening talk about the diversity and importance of bumblebees both for gardens and natural habitats. by Allan Watson from the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Sponsored by the Friends of Holland Park

Brilliant Butterflies: Ecology Centre Open day

Discover these colourful acrobats through art and craft activities, quizzes and a trail looking for different species and their food plants. Find out why some butterfly species are declining and ways to encourage more butterflies to visit your garden.

  • Date: Saturday 22 July
  • Time: Drop-in 12 noon to 4pm,
  • Location: Holland Park Ecology Centre
  • Cost: Free

Dazzling Dragonflies: Wildlife Area Open Day

Summer is the season for dragonflies and damselflies to emerge. Drop in to the Wildlife Area and identify these insects as they hover above the pond. See if you can find their nymphs and other pond creatures by taking part in pond dipping.

  • Date: 12 August
  • Time: Drop-in 12 noon to 4pm,
  • Location: Holland Park Wildlife Area
  • Cost: Free

Top of the Crops: Ecology Centre Open Day

Join us in the Ecology Centre’s Edible Garden to harvest this year’s crop, such as tomatoes, runner beans and curly kale. Learn more about the uses of all the different edible plants in our garden. Make herb posies to take home and sample some different herbal teas.

  • Date: 26 August
  • Time: Drop-in 12 noon to 4pm,
  • Location: Holland Park Ecology Centre
  • Cost: Free

Small Mammal Trapping and Surveying

Find out about the mammals of Holland Park in this session led by a member of the Ecology Education Team. Discover which mammals have been found in our live traps and other sampling techniques.

Autumn Seeds: Wildlife Area Open Day

Explore and enjoy the Wildlife Area on an autumn's afternoon. You can take a stroll around the woodland, discovering more about the trees and signs of autumn. There will also be an opportunity to take part in some seasonal craft activities.

  • Date: 23 September
  • Time: Drop-in 12 noon to 4pm,
  •     Location: Holland Park Ecology Centre  Cost: Free

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