Resources for Teachers

The Ecology Centre wants you and your class to get as much out of your visit to Holland Park as possible. Please feel free to use the resources below to support your classes learning. 

ID Sheets

Please use these ID sheets for pre or post visit work with your class.



Woodland Minibeast key

[PDF] (file size 548Kb)

 Peacock Butterfly

Meadow Invertebrate identification sheet
[PDF] (file size 666Kb)







water scorpion 

Pond Invertebrate identification sheet
[PDF] (file size 868Kb)

 diving beetle

Pond Invertebrate key
[PDF] (file size 704Kb)








Ash leaf

Tree identification sheet (KS2)
[PDF] (file size 1.16Mb)







Wildlife Gardens

A guide on how to set up a wildlife garden in the school grounds.

Download 'School Wildlife Gardens - a guide for teachers' [PDF] (file size 866Kb)