Secondary and Tertiary Education

We can tailor sessions to meet your learning needs. For GCSE, BTEC, A Level and tertiary groups, sessions can be designed in consultation with you and with reference to the specific course requirements.

Visits are available all year round but please book early for the summer term as it is often fully booked.

Programme Description Focus
Food Chains Study the components of a food chain by exploring the Wildlife Area. Science
Nature’s Recyclers Relate recycling to the woodland nutrient cycle; learn about the role of detritivores and decomposers in the woodland ecosystem and build a wormery. Science
Invertebrate Population Study Estimate the populations of different woodland invertebrate species Science
Trees and Climate Examine different features of tree species found in the park and how they relate to their climate Science
Bioindicators How a species survey (pond invertebrates) can be used to assess the quality of a habitat. Science


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Teachers' Testimonials

"A great hand on workshop with a very knowledgeable teacher."
Year 8 teacher, Abercorn

"Always a great trip - love your new facilities."
Year 9 teacher, Moat School