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Colour map of Kensington showing railway line

Kensington section of the map, Environs of London by Davies, 1841

The Kensington section of the Davies map of London drawn in 1841 contains many interesting features. Although many familiar names can be seen, the landscape is completely different. There are very few buildings and most of the area is covered by farms and market gardens. Perhaps the most unusual feature is the Hippodrome Race Course shown just above Notting Hill. In 1837 John Whyte leased 140 acres from James Ladbroke to build a racecourse which would rival Ascot and Epsom. The venture was not a success and the Hippodrome closed in 1841.

Location of original: London Map collection LM 698
Copyright: the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Libraries(RBKC Libraries)

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