Voluntary and community sector

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is keen to continue supporting voluntary and community organisations through promoting partnership working and offering a number of funding schemes to organisations that provide services to residents and improve quality of life.

For information on funding and support for voluntary and community organisations, visit the funding opportunities page.

Kensington and Chelsea Compact

The Kensington and Chelsea Compact is a written agreement between the public sector and the voluntary and community sector which strengthens working relations between the sectors. The Compact is relevant to all voluntary and community groups working in the Royal Borough, not just those funded by the local public sector. 

We ask local voluntary and community groups to sign up to the Kensington and Chelsea Compact to show that they support its commitments and principles.

Sign up using our online form to submit a few details about your organisation.

The Kensington and Chelsea Compact is currently undergoing a refresh to ensure continuing relevance to the current influences on the local voluntary and public sector agencies. The draft of the proposed 2016 Kensington and Chelsea Compact is available below, with the different coloured text indicating the changes that have been made, influenced by good practice Compacts from other areas (red text) and additions from the local Compact Refresh sounding board (purple text).  The format of the document is indicative at this stage. 

Kensington and Chelsea Compact [PDF] (file size 673.25 KB)

Rent Levels for Voluntary Organisations Occupying Council Properties Policy

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council has now accepted a policy introducing some changes to the way in which rent levels are set for voluntary organisations that are in receipt of Council grants or contracts and occupying Council owned property.

The Volunary Sector Property Subsidy Policy sets out the revised approach. 

Voluntary Sector Property Subsidy Policy [PDF] (file size 221.67 KB)

This policy outlines that the Council is to charge market rents to voluntary sector organisations from their next rent review; and that if this leads to an increase in an organisations’ rent that is supported by a grant or contract from the Council then its grant or contract will be increased accordingly, so that the rent increase is cost neutral to the organisation and income-neutral to the Council.

The reason behind this proposed policy is to make the rental policy clearer, more consistent and as a result fairer to all voluntary organisations.

Organisations that will be affected by this policy will be informed of any changes during their next rent review.

Before introducing the changes outlined in the policy, the Council gave the organisations that would be subject to this policy the opportunity to comment on the proposed changes, in line with the Kensington and Chelsea Compact.  We would like to thank those who contributed to this consultation.  The concerns raised in the consultation have been taken on board and the Borough wishes to reassure voluntary organisations that it would not rule out supporting an organisation financially in the future for its rental costs if it does not currently hold a grant or contract from the Council.  These organisations would be considered on a case by case basis. 

The report on the findings of this consultation is available below:


Kensington and Chelsea Social Council

We also support the Kensington and Chelsea Social Council, an independent charity and umbrella body for voluntary and community organisations in Kensington and Chelsea. They provide training, funding advice, lobbying and more.

Borough Voluntary Organisations Advisory Group

The Borough Voluntary Organisations Advisory Group (BVOAG) is the formal mechanism by which the voluntary sector raises issues with the Council and with local health services. The voluntary and community sector is represented by fourteen elected representatives covering nine different areas of expertise. To find out more about BVOAG, including how the committee is elected and upcoming meeting dates, visit Kensington and Chelsea Social Council's website.

Further information

The following document, by the London Voluntary Sector Council, gives and overview of the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector in Kensington and Chelsea:

'VCSE Sector at a Glance' briefing [PDF] (628KB)