Arts Grants Scheme

Arts Grants Scheme

The Council recognises the value of the arts and aim to support artists and organisations to develop high quality arts events within the borough. To that end, the Arts Grants Scheme is for arts activities or projects which are undertaken within the boundaries of the Royal Borough or otherwise benefit its residents, and demonstrate that they meet at least two of the Council’s Arts and Culture Policy objectives.

There will be a large demand on this fund, so unfortunately not all applications will be successful. In particular, if you have not previously applied to Arts Grants, we advise you to speak to an officer from the Arts Service prior to making an application.

Please note: From the 2015/16 financial year onwards, the Arts Grants Scheme will have two funding rounds. The total amount of funding available to award across the year will remain the same, but will be allocated across two, rather than three, funding rounds.

For further information see the Arts grants scheme page

For further information about the Arts Services projects, including commissioning opportunities, see the Arts Services page.