Non-market street trading

Street sites

We only allow street trading on sites that are approved by our committee. We believe the borough already has plenty of trading sites so we rarely create new ones.

Join a waiting list for an existing site

Most existing sites are run by longstanding, pemanent traders and rarely become available.

You can join the waiting list and we'll let you know if any sites become vacant. To join the waiting list:

You will need to tell us:

  • your name amd address
  • what you want to sell, for example newspapers, fruit and vegetables¬†or flowers
  • any relevant experience

If you are interested in a specific site include details of its location.

We do not allow itinerant trading and we may prosecute anyone found trading illegally in the borough.

Trading from vehicles and vans

Trading from vehicles and vans is prohibited in the borough.

Ice cream vans

We do not issue licences for ice cream vans.

If you trade from an ice cream van:

  • you will be prosecuted for illegal street trading and your vehicle will be confiscated
  • offenders will be taken to court and subject to a Magistrates Court Order
  • your vehicle can be destroyed or sold
  • if your vehicle is in a dangerous condition, we will call the police and your vehicle will have to stay off the road until you've repaired it

Trading from vehicles

Car valeting by companies who roam from place to place is an offence and considered illegal street trading.

If you run car valeting this way:

  • you can be taken before a magistrate or served a Fixed Penalty Notice
  • your vehicle could be seized and made the subject of a confiscation order

Car screen washing is also illegal street trading and will be treated as an offence.

Mobile advertising boards

We regulate mobile boards and hand-held placards in certain streets in the borough.

For a list of streets contact Streetline on 020 7361 3001 or by email

Last updated: 29 November 2019