Street trading fees

Fees and charges

Our fees don't include the cost of stalls or covers.

  • You can hire a stall from a local contractor on Fridays and Saturdays only. We'll explain how to do this during registration.
  • Covers are available at the Street Trading Office for £6. Metal crocodile clips are £1 each.


We are currently looking at how to introduce Electric points to the market for Casual traders. In the meantime, all traders are advised to bring home charged or battery powered equipment.

Casual traders' fees

All traders start as casual traders. Fees are charged per day each morning at the Street Trading Office.

Casual traders fees

Portobello Road
Monday to Thursday£13.00
1 day - Friday£23.00
1 day - Friday Antiques£16.00
1 day - Saturday (below site 166)£47.00
1 day - Saturday (above site 166)


Arts & Crafts
1 day - Saturday£17.00
Fee for trading after 1pm on Saturday£30.00
Golborne Road
Monday to Thursday£10.00
2 day - Friday and Saturday£39.00
1 day - Friday£16.00
1 day - Saturday£35.00
Additional Sites
Additional pitch either side after 11am£11.00
2 additional pitches after 11am£17.00

Casual traders may apply for a permanent licence after trading for a minimum of 4 weeks. Applications are available at the Street Trading Office every quarter.

Permanent fees and charges from 13 April 2015 - £ per week

Portobello Road and isolated pitches

7 day - Monday to Sunday (isolated pitches only)£60.00
6 day - Monday to Saturday£47.00
2 day - Friday and Saturday£44.00
1 day - Friday - Antiques£13.00
1 day - Friday - Other£18.50
1 day - Saturday Arts and Crafts£15.00
1 day - Saturday£41.00
1 day - Sunday (isolated pitches only)£25.00
Site 166 Portobello Road northwards
6 day - Monday to Saturday£36.50
2 day - Friday and Saturday£32.00
1 day - Friday£11.50
1 day - Saturday£28.00
Site 213 Portobello Road northwards
6 day - Monday to Saturday£35.00
2 day - Friday and Saturday£30.00
1 day - Friday10.00
1 day - Saturday£25.00
Golborne Road
6 day - Monday to Saturday£40.50
2 day - Friday and Saturday£36.00
1 day - Friday£14.00
1 day - Saturday32.00
Arrears letter£5.00
Licence transfer£20.00
Licence variation£20.00
Licence replacement£20.00
Bay Permit replacement£5.00
Reminder letter£30.00
Revocation notice£30.00
Three yearly license renewal (administration charge)£60.00
Registration fee for casual traders£10.00
Registration of assistants working for permanent traders£10.00
Annual charge for use of electricity bollard£52.00

Last updated: 24 November 2020