Free Printed Matter Distribution licence

Information on how to apply for a free printed matter distribution licence.

Under Schedule 3A of the Environment Protection Act 1990, consent is required to distribute free printed matter on any of the below designated streets.

To apply for consent to distribute leaflets or promotional materials on any of these streets, please read the Terms and Conditions before completing and returning a signed copy of the Free Printed Matter Distribution application form. Applications must be received 14 days prior to the proposed commencement date. Additional charges apply to fast track applications. See Fees and Charges.

Points to note when completing the application form:

  • You will only be allowed to stand at an agreed location on the street; therefore, please be specific about the location where you would like to distribute
  • In order to avoid causing an obstruction, we do not license distribution of leaflets and promotional materials within 25m of tube station entrances, or by pedestrian crossings. Affected streets are shown in blue; for maps showing exclusion zones, click on the street names in blue.

Fees and charges

Fee and charges for distribution of free literature licences (zero VAT) From April 2019
Standard application fee for each site for 1 distributor for up to 1 month (A site is a street) £203.80
Short notice application fee for each site for 1 distributor for up to 1 month £246.40
Additional fee for application over 1 month (£ per month) £10.90
Each additional distributor at each site £28.80
Administration charge for alterations to licences which have already been issued (including the replacement of licences and/or distributors permit IDs) £43.70
New charge from April 2018
For Newspaper distributors outside underground stations only – placement of paper distribution containers to be used only during licence operational period in partnership with a distributor (£ per month)

Payments can be made by cheque or debit/credit card. Application fees are non-refundable, but every effort will be made to approve the application, including recommending alternative distribution locations, and times and dates, as appropriate.

Designated streets for distributing free printed matter

Basil Street

Gloucester Walk

North Pole Road

Beauchamp Place

Golborne Road

Notting Hill Gate
[PDF] (file size 126Kb)

Blenheim Crescent (Portobello Rd to Ladbroke Grove)

Hans Crescent
[PDF] (file size 169Kb)

Old Brompton Road
[PDF] (file size 127Kb)

Bramley Road

Hans Road

Pembridge Road

Brompton Road
[PDF] (file size 169Kb)

Harrington Road

Pimlico Road (Holbein Place to Sloane Street)

Bute Street

Holland Park Avenue
[PDF] (file size 132Kb)

Portobello Road

Chelsea Embankment

Kensington Church Street

Sloane Square
[PDF] (file size 134Kb)

Chelsea Bridge Road

Kensington High Street
[PDF] (file size 134Kb)

Symons Street

Cromwell Road ( junction with Exhibition Road)

Kensington Park Road (Elgin Crescent to Westbourne Park Rd)

Thackeray Street

Derry Street

Kenway Road

Thurloe Place

Earls Court Road
[PDF] (file size 628Kb)

King's Road

Thurloe Street
[PDF] (file size 130Kb)

Elgin Crescent (Ladbroke Grove to Portobello Road)

[PDF] (file size 169Kb)

Walton Street

Exhibition Road

Ladbroke Grove
[PDF] (file size 128Kb)

Warwick Road
[PDF] (file size 628Kb)

Fulham Road

Latimer Road
[PDF] (file size 124Kb)

 Wellington Square

Gloucester Road
[PDF] (file size 157Kb)

Lower Sloane Street

 Westbourne Grove

For more information, please contact us on 020 7361 3001, or email