Trading Standards


Hoteliers Guide

This guide is aimed at the small hotel owner to assist them in meeting their legal requirements

Auction premises registration

How to register an auction premises including how we evaluate applications.

Product safety

Product safety - advice from the Trading Standards team.

Landlords, letting agents and property management companies

Information for landlords, letting agents and property management companies.

About Trading Standards

Information about Trading Standards including how to get advice and key areas of work.

No charges for using credit or debit cards

Information about charging additional costs for someone using a credit or debit card which was made illegal from 13 January 2018.

Privacy Notice for Trading Standards

Information about our privacy notice and how the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s Trading Standards team processes your data in accordance with legal requirements.

London Trading Standards Week

The Royal Borough took part in a week organised by London Trading Standards (LTS), focusing on work across London to tackle undafe goods, scamming, car sales, property lettings and selling alcohol, tobacco and knives to kids.