Exclusions from school

Exclusions are sanction head teachers can use if they believe a child’s behaviour warrants a time away from school. Head teachers must tell the Local Authority immediately if they have decided to permanently exclude a child. This section includes guidance for schools on the exclusion process, with links to relevant DfE guidance. There is also a set of template letters for schools to use to communicate with parents/carers when they have decided to exclude a child from school. The referral form used to ensure any child who has been permanently excluded from school is referred to alternative provision is also available in this section.

All policies and procedures can be obtained from the Admissions and Access to Education Team.

The Team are based at:

Kensington Town Hall2nd Floor Green ZoneHornton Street, W8 7NX

Contact the Exclusions Officer:

Tel: 020 7745 6614                    Email: Paul.worts@rbkc.gov.uk

Last updated: 29 November 2019