Supporting School Attendance

Supporting school attendance

This section provides information for parents/carers, school staff and other professionals working with school age children in relation to absences from school.
In addition to an attendance policy, the section includes actions school staff may take to support improving attendance, guidance on school register keeping, registration codes, authorisation of absences and guidance explaining when it is permissible to remove a child’s name from a school roll. Support and help for individual children with attendance issues can be got from the Early Help teams.

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For parents and carers

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For children

Requests for attendance support for individual pupils and their families should be made to:

All policies and procedures can be obtained from the Early Help Service:

  • Kensington and Chelsea Early Help - Tel: 020 7598 4608 / 4601
  • Westminster Early Help - Tel: 020 7641 4000
  • For child employment enquiries - Tel: 020 7745 6612 / 6441

Last updated: 23 February 2023