Ilys Booker Drop-in Consultation – Design


The proposal aims to create a beautiful pavilion building in the area between Clarendon Walk and Talbot Grove House. The proposed building would be connected to a landscaped garden for use by the drop-in and the local community. The building would be sculptural in form, use colourful glazed bricks, and feature a wildflower green roof that can be seen from the surrounding homes.

The proposal would provide two key spaces for use by the drop-in and the local community. A large playroom opens out into the shared garden and a smaller room at the other end of the building would provide space for community skills and learning courses. A reception area, toilets, and a small kitchen would service these spaces and a secure pram store is provided outside for when the building is in use.

The building would be designed to reduce noise levels and disturbance to residents. Windows and doors would be carefully located to make sure there is privacy for both residents and children. The location of the windows and doors would also help prevent anti-social behaviour around the new building. The proposal would also utilise sustainable technology and would not use up any heating or electricity from the estate. It may even be able to supply some energy back to the homes nearby.


Proposed ground floor plan
Proposed ground floor plan of the new centre

Entrance to the drop-in centre


Illustration of the entrance to the drop-in centre

View from Talbot Grove House
Illustration of the view from talbot grove house to the centre
New pedestrian area
Illustration of the pedestrian area in front of the centre