Ilys Booker Drop-in Consultation – Next steps

Ilys Booker Drop-in consultation

October to December 2020

In October and early November 2020, we met with the Residents’ Association to update them on the emerging proposals for the drop-in service. During November to December 2020, we will consult closely with the local block representatives and residents living near to the site of the proposed drop-in facility, and with residents on the wider estate. It is important that all residents are updated about the drop-in services future and offered the opportunity to share their ideas with the team.

Once this feedback has been gathered, further design work will be undertaken, with the intention to submit a planning application to the Local Planning Authority in early 2021. The team’s target for construction work on site is Summer 2021 onwards, with work expected to take approximately 7 months.

Proposed refurbishment timeline

Illustration showing the stages of the consultation

Overview of the LWE refurbishment

Stage 1: Pre-Design (up to October 2019)

This stage involves drawing up a number of window pilot properties for residents to view, holding a number of consultation workshops, and appointing a Technical Team to commence the design stage.

Stage 2: Detailed Design (November 2019 – June 2020)

This stage involves the commencement of surveys and the creation of specifications that identify the works for tender. 

Stage 3: Tender stage (July 2020 – January 2021)

Once the works are fully designed and specified, tender documents are prepared and sent to tender. Residents will be involved in the contractor selection process to appoint a main contractor.

Stage 4: Construction phase (February 2021 onwards)

This is the on-site stage where the contractors have been appointed and preparations with residents to carry out the works are made. The works will be divided into 4 schemes across the estate.

Stage 5: Handover and completion

This is the completion of the works and handover to the client.