Are all complaints handled the same way?

Nearly all complaints are treated the same. There are, however, separate arrangements for dealing with complaints about Housing Management, Social Services, Schools, Parking Matters, Planning Applications and Housing / Council Tax Benefits. If you are unhappy with a decision about these services the letter notifying you of the decision should explain how to complain.

The Housing Management directorate has its own complaints procedure.  For any queries related to housing management, estate services or repairs, contact Customer Services on 0800 137 111 or email

Complaints about Council contractors

If you wish to complain about the services provided by a Council contractor, details are given at:

Waste collection

For information on how to complain about waste collection contact Streetline on 020 7361 3001 or email

On-street parking

We will not treat a complaint about the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice, a response to a Notice to Owner or a Clamp and Removal representation through our Formal Complaints process. 

The conditions that we would consider as formal complaints are:

  • The lack of service or quality of service received
  • Receiving incomplete or incorrect information
  • Errors made in carrying out policies or procedures
  • Our staff or contractors displaying inappropriate behaviour or attitude in carrying out their duties.

Any formal complaints to Parking Services should be directed in writing to the relevant officer at:

Parking Services, PO Box 67735, London W6 6FX

  • Sports centres

Please contact the General Manager at Chelsea Sports Centre in the first instance. In the event that you do not receive a satisfactory response then the matter should be escalated to the GLL Partnership manager who is based at Head Office, Middlegate House, The Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, London SE18 6SX. Alternatively you can contact the customer services line.

What about my local councillor?

You can of course contact your local councillor at any stage. You can get their names from any of the Council’s information offices.