Leadership Team

Information about the leadership team and their areas of responsibility.

Leader of the Council (Cllr Elizabeth Campbell)

Cllr Elizabeth Campbell

Cllr Elizabeth Campbell is responsible for:

  • Serving as the primary spokesperson for the Council
  • Overseeing the Council’s overall strategy, policy and budgeting
  • Ensuring that the council is governed well
  • Liaison with Government, Greater London Authority (GLA) and London Councils
  • The Public Inquiry
  • The Grenfell recovery strategy
  • Emergency contingency planning

Deputy Leader, Grenfell and Housing (Cllr Kim Taylor-Smith)

Cllr Kim Taylor-Smith

Cllr Kim Taylor-Smith is responsible for:

  • The housing elements of Grenfell recovery
  • The improvement and refurbishment of the Lancaster West Estate
  • Housing investment, including any other estate improvement and refurbishment
  • Housing strategy and policy
  • Council housing management services
  • Housing demand, including homelessness and allocations policies
  • The Housing Revenue Account (HRA) business plan

Finance and Modernisation (Cllr Mary Weale)

Cllr Mary Weale

Cllr Mary Weale is responsible for:

  • Budget planning and monitoring how money is spent
  • Investments and treasury management
  • Corporate property, including Facilities Management, the management, acquisition, sale and letting of the council’s property assets (except Housing Revenue Account (HRA) residential stock and highways land)
  • Council tax and benefits
  • Customer Services and complaints
  • Organisational change:human resources and digital transformation
  • Corporate support, including Legal Services, Electoral Services and Procurement Policy

Families, Children and Schools (Cllr Emma Will)

Cllr Will.jpg

Cllr Emma Will is responsible for:

  • Serving as the Lead Member for Children’s Services, including safeguarding
  • Looked-after children; fostering and adoption
  • Unaccompanied asylum seeker children
  • Services for schools and pupils
  • New educational provision and admissions
  • Nurseries, early years and child care
  • Youth services, youth justice and the Youth Offending Team (YOT)

Adult Social Care (Cllr Sarah Addenbrooke)

Cllr Addenbrooke.jpg

Cllr Sarah Addenbrooke is responsible for:

  • Serving as Lead Member for Adult Social Care, including safeguarding
  • Assessment and care management of social services for vulnerable adults in need, including:
    • elderly people services
    • services for people with learning disabilities
    • mental health services
    • physical disability services
    • transitions from children’s services
  • Partnership working and service integration with the local NHS
  • Care for Grenfell
  • The Friends and Family Assistance Centre (Grenfell)
  • Discretionary welfare provision and subsidised transport

Streets, Planning and Transport (Cllr Will Pascall)

Cllr Pascal.jpg

Cllr Will Pascall is responsible for:

  • Influencing the overall quality of infrastructure projects
  • Recycling, waste management, cleansing and public conveniences
  • Policy for street markets and street trading
  • Maintenance and improvement of highways and street lighting
  • Parking policy and operations, including fees and charges
  • Transport strategy and transportation policies
  • The vitality of high streets and retail strategy
  • Planning policy and planning briefs for individual development sites
  • Development control and enforcement; the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and Section 106
  • Conservation areas and garden squares

Healthy City Living (Cllr David Lindsay)

Cllr David Lindsay.jpg

Cllr David Lindsay is responsible for:

  • Public health: the promotion of positive health; the prevention of ill-health and disease; and the reduction of health inequalities
  • Environmental health and private rental housing regulation
  • Licensing policy
  • Trading standards and consumer protection
  • The response to climate change, controlling pollution and air quality
  • Mortuary and coroners’ services, cemeteries
  • Parks and open spaces
  • Leisure services, including sports centres and sports development for adults
  • Registrars and bereavement services

Skills and Enterprise (Cllr Catherine Faulks)

Cllr Catherine Faulks.jpg

Cllr Catherine Faulks is responsible for:

  • Social investment
  • Economic development and employment
  • The local labour market and supply chain strategies
  • The apprenticeship programme within the Council as well as among local partners and suppliers
  • Alternative career pathways for residents 16+ and vocational routes
  • Further and adult education, skills and job readiness
  • Supporting local community businesses and social enterprise
  • Library services
  • Registrars and bereavement services

Communities and Culture (Cllr Gerard Hargreaves)

Cllr Gerard Hargreaves.jpg

Cllr Gerard Hargreaves is responsible for:

  • Community engagement and empowerment in all parts of the borough
  • The way in which the Council engages residents and communities in decision making
  • Council voluntary and community sector (VCS) grants programme (not commissioning under other Leadership Team members)
  • Community assets
  • The Council’s role in supporting Notting Hill Carnival
  • Museums and galleries; public art; events and film; and visitor strategy
  • Community safety, reducing crime and the fear of crime
  • Civic events and the Mayoralty