Prince Philip - Duke of Edinburgh

1921 - 2021

It is with deep sadness that the Council and residents have learned of the death of His Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh.

The death of His Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Basement Responses - Not Commented on Soundness

Responses which did not comment on soundness

The following responses received by post and email did not comment on the soundness of the draft policy. These have been sent to the Planning Inspectorate but they have not been responded to by the Council.

16Michele Gorgodian 
33Anna-Mei ChadwickDouro Place
35Adair and Orna Turner 
56Michael Howard 
61Susan Hunting 
97Eric Rhode 
98Priscilla Shiffner 
111Eve-Marie Hutin  
113Shelia Pattle 
120Paul Campbell 
121Kara Gnodde 
122Robert and Gilly Baines 
123Gillian Craig 
125Niall Carroll 
128Christine Dixon 
129Mr and Mrs Richard Wohanka 
132Jacaranda MacDonald and Alan Parker 
133Don and Carole Anderson 
134Rhoda Bucknill 
135Dr Jean Arundale 
137Joe Cook 
138John Nolan 
139Mr and Mrs Dineen 
141Erica Cobb 
142Pat Fisher 
143Susan Shenkman 
145Christopher Wright Seventeen De Gardens Residents
146Gill Foley 
150Lida Cepuch 
151Ian Jackson 
152Michael Grazebrook 
153Penelope Horlick 
154Sylvia Andrews 
155Sarah Wilson 
157Catja Ko 
159Jean and Jean-Paul Berthoin 
160Nina Wisnia 
161Lynden and Robert Easton 
162Jane O'Neill 
163Judith Jeans 
164Alexandra and Virginia Irvine 
166Flora Bartlett 
168Andrew and Jane Haworth-Booth 
170Mr Emmanuel and Mrs Anne-Cecile Clair 

Mark Balaam 1

Mark Balaam 2

Mark Balaam 3

Eardley Crescent Residents’ Association
172Florence Finegold 
175Jane Collins and Claes Hesselgren 
177Maureen Corr 
178Frank O’Neill 
179Richard Humphreys 
181Christopher and Suzanne Millar 
186Peter/Connie Middleton  
190Caroline Butt 
199Philip and Charlotte Apostolides 

Alicia di Sirignano 1

Alicia di Sirignano 2

216Margaret Fawcett 
219Margaret Exley 
220Joan Winder Nichols 
221Stephen Butt 
222Rowena and Eric Winkler 
223Lindsey Maunder 
224Anthony Whishaw 
228Jane Gell  

Patrick Moores and Karin Weisensel 1

Patrick Moores and Karin Weisensel 2

235Paul and Lisa Gibbs 
237Mary Ellen Collins 
241Jan Lawrence 
246Crispin Maunder