Charter for Public Participation

The Council puts local people at the heart of everything it does.  This is a central commitment and key theme in the Council Plan.  

Our Council Plan states:  “Local people want to be involved in policy development and service users rightly expect to be part of service development.  We will engage openly with our residents and service users, seeking to capture all points of view to make better informed decisions.  We will use the talents and skills within our communities to co-design and commission better services”.

For three months in late 2019 the Council produced and consulted upon a draft ‘Charter for Public Participation’. A revised version, incorporating many of the key comments made by respondents, was considered and endorsed by the Administration Committee on 8 January and will be now be recommended for formal adoption at the full Council meeting on 22 January.

Once adopted, the Charter will become part of the Council’s Constitution and disseminated widely. The Charter will be one of a number of key commitments against which the Council expects to be held to account by local residents.