Charter for Public Participation

The Council puts local people at the heart of everything it does.  This is a central commitment and key theme in the Council Plan.  

Our Council Plan states:  “Local people want to be involved in policy development and service users rightly expect to be part of service development.  We will engage openly with our residents and service users, seeking to capture all points of view to make better informed decisions.  We will use the talents and skills within our communities to co-design and commission better services”.

During our recent six-month Borough and Area Governance Review we heard local people asking for more clarity how we will make it easy for people to get involved in what the Council does, especially in Council decision-making. In response to their request, and to help us to deliver on our Council Plan commitments, we have drafted a Charter for Public Participation. The new Charter will stand alone as our public commitment, as well as forming part of our Council’s Constitution. 

Charter for Public Participation.pdf [PDF] (file size 109.3 KB)

This draft is very much a starting point for discussion and we’re looking forward to receiving ideas from local people and organisations to improve on this. 

The consultation on this draft will run for 12 weeks, starting on 17 September and closing on 15 December 2019. During this period we will publicise this consultation through a variety of channels and provide a range of opportunities for you to be heard.

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Separately the Council will also be consulting, by early October 2019, on its ‘Statement of Community Involvement’ for Planning. This document will explain the Council’s commitment to ensuring that people have a real say in the planning decisions that matter to them in their local area.